October ‘16

October ‘16
Ramy Soliman
 Ramy Soliman


We asked our favourite food bloggers with the most trust worthy taste buds where we should dine and what places to avoid. Here’s what they told us!

Where do you think is the finest place to dine in Cairo? Can you tell us why? 


My goal is to make people enjoy their meal when I’m with them because I actually love sharing food with others (sorry I’m no Joey) and Culina at The Nile Ritz-Carlton Hotel made this pretty easy. Culina stands out with its huge variety in their Friday Brunch open buffet, perfectly executed food, great quality, cozy ambiance with live entertainment -not to mention a super friendly staff! You avoid the lame fights over who wants to eat sushi or Italian while the others want oriental grilled deliciousness or foie gras because they’ve got it all covered! I really enjoyed their Paella shrimp with green curry from the Asian live cooking station, the butter chicken from the Indian section, and don’t get me started on the endless variety of desserts and their homemade chocolate! 


What is your favourite: 


Appetizer: Cheddar Chili Chicken Flautas From Backfire.

Main dish: The Gekko Burger from Shake Down Copenhagen.

Dessert: Creme Brulee Donuts from Desserten Copenhagen.

Forbidden love: My name is Ramy and I’m a Burgerholic. 

Foreign cuisine: Tex-Mex for the win! 

Restaurant Décor: Al Khal at Intercontinental City Stars.

Drink: Vimtojito from Crave, duh! 


Describe elaborately your first experience of dining in your favourite restaurant. 


Kazlak really surprised me when I tried their food because let’s face it, Courtyard Maadi is a very casual food court and I didn’t expect such elegant dining in a space full of shisha cafes. I was overwhelmed when I went to Kazlak for the first time because of the huge variety; the unique mood, the interesting flavours, and that they actually use homegrown ingredients! Even the plates, glasses, and pizza pans are made in Aswan, Halayeb, and Shalateen. I was just thrilled to find a restaurant with a unique identity in Egypt. 

Can you name any restaurants you wish would open in Egypt? 


Just the idea of street food to be legalized in Egypt will make my day. Can you imagine the amount of talents that will open their own carts under the supervision of the government? This could be a new type of tourism in Egypt, grilled cheese cart next to the pyramids or koshary to-go at Aswan! 

What are foods you must avoid at all costs and why? 



We all have different tastes in food! I can’t answer this because I could say I hate noodles with too much fish sauce, while it’s someone else’s favourite.