January ‘19
Takes Off to Reach New Heights

January ‘19
Ramez Youssef’s Tayarah
Ramez Youssef’s Tayarah


Ramez Youssef was able to participate, along with his partner Mohamed El Bassiouni, for the creation Egypt’s first online media hub. We got to speak to Ramez once again about the meaningful progress behind the innovative agency and check up on his wild journey.

What do you have planned for the future? Are there any projects we can anticipate?

This year is going to be a very experimental year for Tayarah, where we may launch some content that stems from its roots, content that is original and authentic to our company.  Moreover, we’re excited to announce a program called Cinematch, that we actually recorded during El Gouna Film Festival and have yet to release it it. We aim to further push the pursuit of finding local talent and inspire people to think outside the box and enjoy life outside of the ordinary and expected. Additionally, we’re launching a new platform, a side project that I cannot reveal much information about, but it will be titled Tayarah Play. I hope you stay tuned and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

What is your advice for like-minded individuals that would like to follow in your footsteps?

I don’t believe that I’m in a place to give advice to anyone, nor I am qualitied. For most of the time, I am borrowing advice from others. Our brains operate like machinery, and everybody was graced with a brain of their own to use and decide what is right and wrong for them. It’s humbling that someone would ask me for advice but I took all the opportunities I could take in order to become the person I am today, so for me it was luck. It never had to carefully plan out my future, I am a very “yes person”, so if this is considered advice than I’m willing to offer to everyone that they should consider every and each opportunity once they see the positive aspects.

Where do you personally find your inspiration?

Inspiration in travel and disconnection from society. Sometimes, it’s extremely beneficial to de-stress from

from life’s demand, and I tend to do that through traveling at any given chance I get. It allows me to explore my inner self by getting lost in a world more significant than us all, and truly develop myself on a personal and professional level by exploring what the world has to offer.

 I am usually a curious person, I enjoy listening as much as speaking because everyone has something to say, a unique prerogative, and a special way to express their point of view. I’m often inspired by people’s bravery and openness in a world that discourages individualism, that every person is a powerhouse in their own way and I find much pleasure to be a part of their journey of inner discovery.

What is your favorite part about your job/career, and your least favorite?

Most favorite part is when I walk around the company and see employees are happy and joyful. I like the fact that I’ve created a stress-free work environment filled with genuine good vibes. Sometimes, when I post something on my socials, people constantly ask if we’re seriously working or just having fun, and I’d like to believe it’s a sustainable mix of both. Even the little things matter to me, like when I receive messages from grateful and satisfied fans saying that I’ve spread a little bit of joy in their life. Authentic moments like when someone pours their heart out to me can make most of the hard work worth it. My least favorite part is handling such responsibility of business development and achieving targets. This is the least fun part, where there are certain business measurements to keep up with each month and yearly quarter, so I try to push myself further progressively.

What things do you regret? Any obstacles you’ve faced that you wanted to turn out a different way, or something you wish you had done differently?

Do not have regrets. This is a major part of my personality where I don’t face anything in life and allow myself to feel regret. Throughout my career, I have created an opportunity out of nothing. I always try to find the positive in life’s darkest corners, because that is where I can find the motivation to keep going. However, one thing I wanted to turn out a different way, I didn’t want to stop “Msh Impossible.”  Even though it generated massive impact and audience outreach, it was something I wasn’t able to continue.

You’ve previously mentioned that your philosophy in Tayarah is to create inspiring and engaging content, name an example of some work you’ve done that you think has created significant societal impact, and financial impact. Or something that exceeded your expectations.

In ElGouna Film Festival, we announced our first installment of Tayarah: Celebrating Talents, which is an online competition where content creators are urged to submit short movies. In less than a week, we garnered approximately 500 submissions initially. We processed the submissions through filtration process with an esteemed panel of judges including Hind Sabry and Tamer Habib. Additionally, we had sufficient support from our sponsors which allowed us to present a financial prize award to the top 3 ideas. This triggered the creation of content to be submitted and open up massive opportunity each year.

One of the projects that generated heavy impact was our social consciousness and responsibility program, where we were able to give back to the community with an inspirational video that highlights our company’s values, such as the Blind Orchestra Lady and much others. Due to several sponsorship from major companies and the support we’ve gained, the experiences were humbling to us and we were able to continue the giving back initiative progressively.

Based on the success you’ve witnessed in the earlier stages of your launch of Tayarah, what are some achievements you’ve made that you’re proud of?

After a year of continuous success with our controversial advert series, “ElDafrawy Fe Kasrawy” the year concluded with a bang. One of the most remarkable achievement that we’ve accomplished was “Sana benwada’3ha” song which was a viral sensation and an immediate highlight of the new year’s season all around social media, which is considerably one of the most remarkable achievements that we’ve accomplished through the influence of our unique branded content, all of which garnered viral attention and affection from the audience.

We were also able to handle the media coverage and create specific content to cater in El Gouna Film Festival, with “El3ab Ya Negm” -- which had immeasurable success over its first season, and triggered several celebrities at the Gouna Film Festival to approach us for collaboration.

Upon the creation of Instagram Stories, we took advantage of the feature and were able to create suitable, yet bite-sized content that gained a lot of reach. Since Instagram Stories are only uploaded for 24 hours, the program generated a lot of buzz from keen audience members that constantly demanded more.  In the second season of GFF, we gained a lot of celebrity partnerships including Yousra, Amr Salama and more, where we were able to take risks and create fresh and fun content including “De7k w Le3b w Ping w Pong”