July ‘14
Insight Interview

July ‘14
Rafic Morcos
Rafic Morcos


He is the HVAC Sales Manager of HETO Air Conditioning Company! Beside his successful career, he is the author of Molokheyet Masr El Arabeya, which turned him into a celebrated author practically overnight.

Are there any authors/prominent figures that influence your work?

Reading for legends like Galal Amer and Gibran Khalil Gibran have helped me develop my writing skills, and still does. Galal Amer has mostly influenced me with his sarcastic style.

What can you tell us about yourself and what you do?

My name is Rafik Morcos; I am the sales manager of HETO Air Conditioning Contracting and Supplying Company. I am 27 years old, I studied at the Jesuits and then I graduated from the American University in Cairo, majoring in mechanical engineering.

How did you find your current path in life? Was there a turning point or 'Ah-Ha' moment for you?

Having a private family business in the field of engineering was my drive to major in this same field. Unlike most of the fresh graduates, I started working in the company only 10 days after graduation. It was then that I discovered my lack of interest for a normal daily work lifestyle. Not only so, but being pretty active on the social media, I developed a habit where I write at least 3 statuses daily on Facebook. With the option of instant feedback Facebook gives to every users, the feedbacks I received from my friends were pretty encouraging and pushed me to go on with this habit. I discovered my love for writing, and my personal sarcastic, sometimes funny, style that could make any reader either smile or laugh; it was then that I felt responsible to use my talent. The enjoyment I feel when I know that I have helped someone get out of a bad or negative mood is really fulfilling.

When did you decide that this is not enough (your day job) and you can do more?

I am one of the very few people who do not complain about the daily traffic in Egypt, not because I'm a holier, but because I am so lucky to have my office in the same building where I live. This provides me with much more time than any usual worker in Cairo who wastes an average hour and a half going to work and another hour and a half leaving work, excluding the energy the streets of Cairo absorb from you. I dedicate some time during my day to write, not only to write but also to think about what I want to write. It is definitely difficult to manage my time between my work and my writings but making people laugh is worth it.

How do you manage your time between your day job and your writing?

I believe that we were all created to live around other people. And one of the main ways to be happy is to make people around you happy or even draw a smile on their faces. I chose to do it through a book.

What inspired you to write Molokheyet Masr El Arabeya?

After graduation and getting into the real life and all its obstacles, and after being more aware of the different social classes, and how big the gap is between a fortunate guy, like myself, and millions of unfortunate people living in Egypt. I began to understand the blessings I have been given since I was born, having a loving family, friends that are like brothers and sisters, a house I live in, a very comfortable lifestyle and everything I could ever wish for. Writing was my way to reach these people in an attempt to help them by drawing a smile on their faces. And Molokheyet Masr el Arabeya was my first trial.

Can you tell us a little bit about your creative process?

I didn't do much about the book to come out this way. I believe that every single person was created with many talents. Once you discover your talents, they turn out to be your passion, and the creative process becomes effortless.

What kind of books did you enjoy as a boy? What are your favourites today?

As a kid I was a big fan of J'aime lire, Tintin and an Egyptian magazine called Flash. Today I enjoy reading sarcastic Egyptian books, like Osr el Kalam for Galal Amer.

What is your advice for other up and coming authors who want to follow their own dreams in writing?

My advice for everyone who wants to follow his/her dream in writing is to write for people and not for money or fame. Every word is a double edged sword use it in a way to help our world, dream big, dream of becoming a new Ghandi or Mandela, you can change the world, you can do it.

How did your family and friends support your journey of writing this book?

My family and friends are the very first reason why Molokheyet Masr el Arabeya is in the Egyptian bookstores right now; otherwise this book would have just been a thought. I am lucky to have them in my life.

What's it like to see someone reading your book?

I am not that famous yet, but just reading some hashtags about the book from people I don't know make me feel like I have achieved one of my goals, which is to connect with people from different backgrounds by making them feel happy after reading the book.

Everyone has insecurities and doubts and we know that being your own boss can be a blessing and a curse! How do you encourage yourself to stay positive and keep moving forward?

I try to stay positive. Sometimes life can be tough, but it is definitely not a good excuse to surrender. Life is a beautiful gift and the people around us like family and friends make it worth enjoying.

Why do you think the book has struck such a chord with readers of so many ages?

I hope it did! But I wrote everything without trying to please anyone and without aiming for personal profits. The book is based on my ideas and observations about our social lives, and that may be the reason why many readers, regardless the age, could relate to it.

What does the future hold for Rafik Morcos?

I ask God to give me the strength to accomplish my goal and reach more people by highlighting a more positive view about their lives. I am currently preparing for a new book with a different concept than Molokheyet Masr el Arabeya.