April ‘17
An Inspiring Story in Pixels

April ‘17
Pola Salem
Pola Salem


You may know him as one of Egypt’s most loved social media influencers, or you may have come across his elaborately devised photography. Pola Salem is a rising star, entrepreneur, writer, and a lifestyle blogger whose content brightens even the darkest days. Here’s Pola on how he made it thus far.

Do you think your influence on your audience is significant?

I don’t want to change the world, I just want to inspire people, and give them hope. I want draw smiles on their faces and to help them appreciate life. If for one day, I was able to make someone smile, or feel good about their day or themselves, that’s enough for me. 

What is the biggest difference in your life post-internet fame?

I believe that life is like a journey which you should enjoy every moment of. I live every day to the fullest. I appreciate every moment of my life before and after the internet fame; it is all part of my story. 

Do you communicate with your followers? How so?

I do my best to communicate with everyone because I appreciate that they follow me and care about what I do; however, it is sometimes hard to reply to every message or comment, but I do try. 

Tell us about your proudest achievement.

I’m proud of everything I achieved in my life, no matter how little, and even if it doesn’t seem like much to people because behind every achievement there is pain, struggle and responsibility. I’m proud of Stafili my first café despite it being closed now. I’m proud of OPA, my Greek restaurant and café. I’m proud of Columbus, the travel agency I founded with Mirna my best friend, and many more, I’m proud of everything I have achieved so far.

When and how did you discover your passion for photography?

I believe that everyone has a message to deliver, and back then, I believe that my message was to draw a smile on people’s faces, no matter how upset they may feel. That’s why I fell in love with photography ten years ago.

How did you first get into the blogging realm?

I either have a blessing or a curse, I’m not sure. It is my strong memory; my head has been overflowing with memories and stories ever since I was a kid. All of these thoughts kept running through my head, and I felt that if I couldn’t get them out, I would definitely go crazy. So I started writing them down, and when social media bursted in Egypt, I started using it to write about everything that interested me, then it eventually evolved to my blogging website, and here I am!

How would you describe yourself the way you think your audience views you VS. the way you see yourself?

My audience always see the bright side of the story. They see a happy, cheerful and successful person, but they don’t see the struggle behind all these vivid and positive photos. And I don’t really blame them because I choose what to show them; I don’t like spreading negativity because I don’t think people want to sign in to Facebook and Instagram to see someone whining. I like to entertain people, and I strive to make them happy.

By Rania Ihab