November ‘16
Animal-Rescuing Superstar

November ‘16
Phaedra Al-Masri
Phaedra  Al-Masri


The After the Battle star has left our jaws dropped with her outstanding performance in many of her award winning films and TV series. She models, acts, directs, writes, and most importantly: saves innocent animals! The Jordanian celebrity is best known for her countless rescue cases and finding families for homeless fur babies every day. Here’s Phaedra Al-Masri on her career, rescue cases, and how to help animals in need.

You’re widely known for rescuing animals, what are some of your most prominent rescue cases?

Many stories come to mind but generally speaking, I rescue any animal that I can. There was this one kid in high school who had a most barbaric hobby of catching dogs and throwing them off roofs! We gathered evidence, went to his home and rescued the dogs already there before filing a police report; we did not leave until he was caught. That was how I got through to Brigette Bardo and had her on board!

When did you discover your knack for acting?

I never actually discovered a knack for acting, it just happened. I began acting in school plays and I had never thought of it as a career back then, but a mere after-school activity. I was more focused on being a doctor since I was a child. 

What actors do you look up to and why?

Any actor with talent is someone to look up to, the likes of Meryl Streep who regenerate their energy and channel it differently with every role are the actors I look up to. I also respect any celebrity that uses their status to help bring important causes to light; stars like Leonardo De Caprio, Angelina Jolie, Bridgitte Bardo, and Nadia Lotfy.

You have starred in After the Battle and The Ring Road, what can you tell us about how you got the parts?

In both films, I was the director’s choice. They both hired me saying they saw me in the role.

What do you think Egyptian cinema is missing?

It is missing dedication. There are few film makers that actually care about the art versus the business. That balance is hardly ever achieved. 

What are some common misconceptions about how Egyptian actresses make it to film business?

There are misconceptions about successful women in general, some feel that the looks furthered their careers, others think it’s only their personal connections that brought them the fame and success they achieved. The truth is, no matter what pushes a person into the spotlight, if they are not talented, they will not last.

Do you plan to employ your stardom status to spread awareness on animal cruelty? How so?

I use every single venue to promote animal rights, whether it be TV, print or social media. I attend stands and participate by fostering, donating and rescuing. It’s no easy task in a community that feels that humans are the sole benefactors of earth versus the guardians.