July ‘16
The Party- Planning Beast

July ‘16


Omar Tantawy is not just an event planner, he’s the quintessential idea creator that keeps the guests up all night with his lavish and untried entertainment gigs. We’ve asked him a few questions about how he made it big, here’s what he had to say.. What’s your philosophy?

Tell us about yourself and your organization/ company.

One of my early projects was collaborating with 3AM club at Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski as a creative content director and PR manager. Media and PR are basically the main things I’m doing right now.  As for my organization, I don’t have an actual organization, it’s an international product company for media and advertising. That’s one of six companies. The mother company; Greenline which belongs to my father is mainly concerned with shipping and warehousing and I am handling the PR and media advertising.

Give us a brief about your previous most famous events/projects.

This is a tricky question because I don’t think I can mention the private parties and events that I have hosted or been to, because I have some on top of my head, and I’ll most likely forget more important ones. But a good example would be the Christmas event, Magic Mistletoe at Royal Maxim.

How do you manage to stay on top?

The key is connections and being a social butterfly. To be as socially friendly as possibly, and go beyond the professional demarcation that may get in the way with your clients or so. My super creative team is also one of the reasons I have managed to stay on top. The idea creators, the designers, the copywriters..all of them are the reason why I’m here today. 

What separates your brand/ services from the competition?

Well, for starters, I don’t really look at the world that way and I try not to compare myself with other companies or compete with them per se. We have brilliant event planners and I respect their work. I actually look up to my “competition” and strive to be as good as them. 

What’s your philosophy?

My general philosophy not only encompasses my business, but the way I live, and it is that as long as I make way for my creativity and unconventional ideas, I’ll always stay on top.

What trends are emerging in the nightlife scene lately?

International performance and entertainment is currently all the rage. A few years ago, that wasn’t so prevalent but now international Djs and go-go dancers perform on a weekly basis. Another thing is that every event now has its theme. It’s not just a party anymore. It has a theme, international entertainers and social media celebrities. Nightlife has moved toward being more luxurious. 

How do you reinvent your identity?

I try to introduce the new and the untried to my work, and try to create things people are not used to. For instance, the last event I hosted in Kempinski I got Jazzyfunck, they’re a really cool Italian band, and everyone wasn’t used to the genre but they loved it. 

How has nightlife in Egypt evolved in the last five years and why?

It evolved drastically and unnaturally in my opinion. The number of people that like to party now have significantly increased. Weekly clubbing and partying is no longer frowned upon like it used to be. Nowadays it’s not just normal, but almost a must. Everyone parties.  Every single club is fully booked by the weekend and especially in places like the North Coast. I wouldn’t even say five; in the last three years those clubs that have been recently built in Sahel have managed to become a vacation necessity. As for why, it’s because the new generation acknowledges that it’s not shameful to party, it’s not immoral, it’s just getting with the times. They understand that you don’t have to be a totally wasted alcoholic to be able to enjoy a club, you can party without even having to drink. 

In your opinion what’s Egypt’s nightlife missing today?

I travel a lot to Europe and the states, and I don’t see that the nightlife here misses anything. We’ve really managed to get with the times, and we might be a little less concerned with restrictions and rules, like the usual 21+ only, couples only, no drugs, but it’s nothing major. I also don’t like how sometimes we just copy events we see abroad without having a sense of creation in us. 

What’s new this summer?

I have a new project coming up, Ciel, it’ll be all about pool and beach parties. It’ll feature a very professional bartender from Gouna, and he’ll be residing in Ciel also. In general though, we’ll be introducing the same artists of last year. 

A successful party is/includes...

Spontaneous, satisfactory, fun!

What are three things that must be in your bag or car at all times?

My cologne! It’s Bvlgari and I cannot get it out of my car. And a pen and paper of course! 

If stranded on an island what are three items you must have?

Speakers and endless mobile charge! Haha 

What are 3 products that you love the most for this summer season? 

My new GoPro Hero4! I love posting pictures on Instagram, I have more than eleven thousand followers and I love to provide them with goodies. For cologne, I just got my hands on the Dior Sauvage. I love my car and it’s a BMW 320i. 

Anything you would like to share with our readers? 

Life is short. Life isn’t all about the nightlife. Go crazy. Try new things. Give everything a shot even if it doesn’t fit your character.