October ‘16

October ‘16
Omar Shabrawy
 Omar Shabrawy


We asked our favourite food bloggers with the most trust worthy taste buds where we should dine and what places to avoid. Here’s what they told us!

Can you name any restaurants you wish would open in Egypt? 


The Cheesecake Factory, PF Changs and IHOP (which I heard will be opening soon).


Where do you think is the finest place to dine in Cairo? Can you tell us why?


Kazoku and U-Bistro are definitely one of my favourites. They offer exquisite food and service; the whole vibe and music gives you a great experience.

What is your favourite: 


Appetizer: Shrimp Dynamite from PF Changs.

Main dish: Salmon Teriyaki from Crave.

Dessert: Banana Bread with poached pear from Eatery.

Forbidden love: Mac & Cheese Balls from The Cheesecake Factory.

Foreign cuisine: TexMex and Chinese.

Restaurant Décor: I always feel coziest at Chinese restaurants, but have to say I loved the homey set-up of everything at The Edwards.

Drink: Caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks, anytime, any day.

Describe elaborately your first experience of dining in your favourite restaurant. 


I recently mentioned ‘Crave’ as one of my favourite places to have dinner, and it still is. I think the first time I ever went there was a few years ago, at what used to be their only branch in Zamalek; and it was to try the Shrimp Konafa and also their Chocolate Fondant, which to me was their specialty.

What are foods you must avoid at all costs and why? 


I have to say Indian food doesn’t always agree with me, because of all the spices; however, recently I went to Maharajah at Ramsis Hilton and asked for the food to be mild, and it was perfect. I also try and avoid foods with lots of dairy and cheese, as I have mild lactose intolerance. Of course, that’s so difficult to do when I’m craving ice-cream or pizza!