November ‘16

November ‘16
Offering So Much More than Exquisite Cuisine
Offering So Much More than Exquisite Cuisine


There’s nothing more tempting than NOLA’s mouth-watering bakeries, from rich velvet cakes, to delectable macaroons that melt in your mouth and saturate your taste buds with sapid delicacy. NOLA, however, is not solely good at baking cupcakes; they have been giving back to the community since the company was founded - giving away free cupcakes to orphans on daily basis and to blood donors every week. We’ve spoken to NOLA’s owners Laila and Adel Sedky and they’ve given us a little more details about how they

How does NOLA incorporate CSR into corporate values? 

We believe it’s our duty towards our community and that it’s fundamental to the way we choose to operate. It is our mission that NOLA offers the best products and services, and to be able to serve our community and give back to it goes hand in hand with that notion. 

What are NOLA’s current CSR activities? 

Our unsold cupcakes (which are in good condition) are not thrown away or recycled, they are instead immediately sent to orphanages and Resala. We also sponsor an NGO every four months; we work with 7elm, for instance, to make sure our stores are accessible for those with special needs. We always take part in day-to-day activities where the community needs us depending on each branch; at the same time, we try to hire those with disabilities and give them equal opportunities. We do much more because CSR is a core fundamental under which Nola operates. 

How does your business benefit charities and local community programs?

NOLA is a timeless hub in the sense that it’s a place that offers delicious products and at the same time we can give back to the community with our charity cupcakes. You don’t have to be extremely socially-active to give back, you can enjoy a cupcake and at the same time feel like you’re giving back and this is precisely the message NOLA tries to send to the community. 

What kind of job opportunities does your business offer to the public, and the youth in particular?

We started six years ago with ten employees; we currently have over 200 employees today. We have built over ten branches locally in Cairo and in other cities. So we’ve penetrated the local market and we’re able to serve and deliver our message of quality, service and beauty. We also try to reengage with our customer on social media. 

What steps does NOLA take to reduce carbon footprint?

One of the new initiatives that NOLA has taken part of is that the paper waste is recycled to be used as business cards and we donate this paper to reuse and minimize waste. Our goal is to be a zero-waste company. 

In what way does NOLA help special-need customers and employees feel comfortable? 

As previously mentioned, it is part of our core values. Our stores are well-equipped to suit those with special needs; at the same time, we have training programs in the factory with our chefs and we do rotations to make sure that our employees excel in a static environment or a dynamic one in order for them to reach their full potential, whether it is better for them to move around or if they prefer (or have to) remain seated.

What can you tell us about your company’s sponsoring events and to whom they cater?

We currently have over eleven branches, so it depends. We serve each branch depending on its community needs as we see NOLA as the “Local Bakery”. So in Maadi for instance, every Friday we sponsor blood donation campaigns; if you donate blood, you get a cupcake! It really depends on each branch and the different requests we receive. We are always actively participating to give back to the community.