July ‘16
Co-Founder of L’Aubergine

July ‘16
Nicha Sursock
Nicha Sursock


The nightclub industry is one of the most competitive industries out there, especially in Egypt. We got the chance to interview Nicha Sursock, Co-founder of Egypt’s masterpiece ‘L’Aubergine’! Nicha is considered a pioneer in the nightlife industry and one of the few owners who has managed to make an impact and introduce some creative concepts and cutting edge hangouts to the nightlife scene.

Tell us about yourself and your organization/ company.

I am an Egypto-Libano-Croatian Co-owner of L’Aubergine in Zamalek and Heliopolis with my dear partner Mido Hosni.

Give us a brief about your previous most famous events/projects.

Over the years I have created, owned and co-owned a lot of places; ‘Le Tabasco’, ‘l’Aubergine’, ‘La Mezzaluna’, ‘Cairo Jazz Club’, ‘The Fat Black Pussy Cat’, ‘Il Gato Negro’, ‘Miro’, ‘White’, ‘Rio de Cairo’, ‘The Carrot Tree’, ‘Matchbox’ in Sharm El Sheikh, ‘Ossobuco’ in Alexandria, ‘Gou’ in Beirut, ‘Topkapi, EvolutionX’, ‘The Blue District’ and a lot more than I can even remember. I created the concepts and managed some cutting edge hangouts like High Heels, Jazz up, Latex, Ka3b 3ali, El Mojito, Stiletto, Jayda and le DupleX to mention a few.

How do you manage to stay on top?

Today with my partner Mohamed Hosni, we operate ‘L’Aubergine’, our recipe for staying on top is based on creating a creative menu with a good value for the money. We care to reinvent our menus and music selection; we have a casual non-pretentious atmosphere, core of stylish, refined and art-culture oriented clientele. That’s why at ‘L’ Aubergine’ we have been ultra-hip for the past 20 years.

What separates your brand/ services from the competition?

What separates our brand from competition is our sense of inventiveness. As I mentioned before we are permanently changing menus and I still personally hand write ‘L’Aubergine’ menus and create and overlook all new menus.

What’s your philosophy?

Having fun! We at ‘L’Aubergine’, owners and staff, love to please both the customers and ourselves.

What trends are emerging in the nightlife scene lately?

The nightlife scene has evolved in the past years. Now young entrepreneurs are entering the field with high investments, some with bad fortune while some others are doing a good job! Competition is becoming fierce and it’s very challenging and encouraging for our industry, all to the benefit of the increasing Cairo demanding nightlifers.

How do you reinvent your identity?

Reinventing our identity is what I like to do best. Nightlife is my passion; I enjoy change and hate “tried and tested” formulas.
Routine and stagnation aren’t my cup of tea. I often move out of some successful money making businesses just because of routine and boredom.

How has nightlife in Egypt evolved in the last five years and why?

The core of nightlifers and restaurant-goers has multiplied in the last five years. New outlets are opening non-stop, French and Italian chefs are brought in, a legion of DJs, entertainers, promoters, and live musicians has appeared and lots of them have hordes of followers. Social media became an essential tool in nowadays nightlife scene. But what makes or breaks a venue is the owners, their charisma, their involvement and above all the customer.

9-In your opinion what’s Egypt’s nightlife missing today?

We still lack a nice laid-back quiet bistro with homey traditional cuisine and subtle Chopin piano music in the background. We’re also lacking: tapas bars, wine bars, beer gardens Munich style.

What’s new this summer?

 Nothing is new for me this summer as I decided to take a long well deserved summer vacation with my family :)

A successful party is… (in 3 words).

Gathering amazing people!

What three items DO you love the most for this summer season? (Technology, Cologne and Cars)

In technology, I like the Samsung Gear 360/VR.  My favourite perfume is Hugo Boss The Scent. And Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is a great ride.