October ‘14
Insight Interview

October ‘14
Natalie Ghamrawy
Natalie Ghamrawy


Once upon a time, there were two little girls who lived in a small family that had a passion for fondue. Years passed by and they decided to share their passion with all of us by creating the best place to dine and create memories, being known as 'The Fondue Pot'.

What can you tell us about yourself?

I have been living for 25 years going through different countries, studies and jobs, but I believe every step contributed to the person I am today. I don't believe in such thing as a bad experience, I believe every experience you live make you more aware and informed. I enjoy living life with all that comes with it. I love experimenting in the kitchen and trying out new cuisines. I workout but I don't torture myself. I work hard but ensure I and all those around me enjoy that work-life balance. I like simplicity and believe it's the most ultimate sophistication!

When did you discover your passion for food?

Ever since I was a little girl! My mom, being a great cook, with her European background combined with my dad's passion for trying out different cuisines, definitely resulted in my passion for food and cooking.

What inspired you to start 'The Fondue Pot'? And what's its philosophy?

Our family has a passion for different cuisines and fondue was one of our favorite holiday meals! We would have fondue nights at home and experiment with different recipes and ingredients. Combining our love for fondue with our passion for cooking, we decided to share our fondue experience with all Egyptians through 'The Fondue Pot'. 'The Fondue Pot' aims at serving high quality food and service to allow our consumers to ultimately enjoy and savor the experience. 'The Fondue Pot' is not just a restaurant to dine in; it's a place where you can create memories to savor forever.

Why specifically 'fondue'?

It's a five-course experience that's fun in every step!! Besides who doesn't love cheese and chocolate?

As an entrepreneur, what are the challenges/ obstacles that face you in the business?

One of our biggest challenging passions is explaining Fondue. Being a fairly new cuisine in Egypt we meet some people that are resistant to the idea of cooking their own food, however we try our best to get these guests to enjoy the experience so much that they become 'fondue addicts'.

How do you manage to keep the variety of choices and excellent quality of taste?

1. Stand in the kitchen daily! Even if it is for a short while, observing the flow of work from within is definitely the most important step to prevent any errors.

Did you expect this huge success in such a short period of time?

We tend to always strive to become better, so we wouldn't consider this where we want to be yet. We're hoping and reaching for the stars.

What's your advice for the young entrepreneurs who aim to follow your path?

Go ahead and follow your dreams! If you have passion for what you are doing, you will succeed in ways you never thought were possible. Enjoy the corporate life for a short while, but don't let it drag you in too much. Have a time plan and stick to it! Seek help and don't be embarrassed to ask for it, because you give pleasure to those who help you more than you think.

What's your next step?

We are expanding 'The Fondue Pot' franchise. We're also opening up a boutique where you can find all the equipment and accessories to enjoy your favourite fondue at home. Also, we have just launched our catering business, and we are looking forward to creating more experiences for all our guests' events.

Guilty pleasure'¦ Chocolate fondue.

By Rania Ihab