October ‘16

October ‘16
Naira Ellamei
Naira Ellamei


We asked our favourite food bloggers with the most trust worthy taste buds where we should dine and what places to avoid. Here’s what they told us!

Where do you think is the finest place to dine in Cairo? Can you tell us why? 


Well, I have a lot of favourite places to dine in, but in Cairo we have a problem; fine dining is almost equivalent to a restaurant in a hotel, which I cannot deny is where the highest quality food is served. That being said, I’m also really proud of Sachi restaurant because they completely changed this theory!




What is your favourite: 

Appetizer: Shrimp Pineapple with wasabi sauce from Eatery. 

Main dish: Seafood pasta from Tavolino.

Dessert: Mandarin koueider ice cream, preferably with raspberry and dark chocolate.  

Forbidden love: KFC’s zinger supreme. 

Foreign cuisine:  Indira, an exquisite Indian Restaurant.

Restaurant Décor: Loft 21 has gorgeous décor. 

Drink: Qahwa Frappuccino! 

Describe elaborately your first experience of dining in your favourite restaurant. 


I honestly do not recall. 

Can you name any restaurants you wish would open in Egypt? 


I would like to have a tiny bakery of my own that serves cold sandwiches. 

What are foods you must avoid at all costs and why? 



Fried foods! Because they’re yummy but they hurt my tummy.  I also like to avoid anything with too much chocolate and cream, they end up taking over taste buds, which become incapable of tasting what’s beneath the chocolate.