June ‘17
The Health Heroine

June ‘17
Nada Taalab
Nada Taalab


With health-awareness being on the rise in Egypt, Nada Taalab comes to promote the idea, creating a whole health-camp to take care of those needing to be constantly reminded of their health plans. The entrepreneur and health expert is here to tell you how she made this camp happen and how she lives life to the healthiest.

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I have always thought of myself as an inventor first and foremost, and an Engineer. In that order. I never saw myself as a 9 to 5 slave. If everyone is seeking jobs, who will create them?! I decided to be the one who does. My purpose in life is to liberate myself from ordinary traditions and fear, and I chose to turn my passion into an income, while being an Engineer sets me up for professional success. As a business owner, I had the great opportunity to work with other owners and entrepreneurs. I learned resilience, having a “laser focus” on the very next step to get closer to my ultimate goal and patience, since success doesn’t come overnight. I became a great sales person, selling my ideas, products and services to customers, investors and employees. Now, I have become the co-founder and manager of Chefox, Fitness and Weight Loss Holiday Retreat Camp.

How was your passion for health and fitness sparked?

I was an athlete and a swimming champion and I had no problems with my body or weight-loss in general. However, after a shoulder injury, I gained more than 50 kilos and started having struggles in losing all the weight I gained. I’d always begin with huge enthusiasm in the beginning of the process and then quit. Therefore, I wanted to help myself and everyone struggling with the same issue. Hence began the idea of Chefox.

How did Chefox hapen?

I have always been juggling between all traditional and non-traditional solutions till I decided to join a weight loss camp. I couldn’t find any in the MENA region, so I decided to travel to the UK for that purpose. The UK became a turn-over in my whole life; I came back to Egypt with the intention to start such a camp in my country delivering a competitive service at affordable prices.

How can detoxing be beneficial for women?

Following a detox plan can do wonders to what’s left of your body and mind. Detoxifying cleanses the body, re-invigorates the system, provides an energy boost and gets us feeling healthy again. Even if you’re relatively health-conscious, detoxifying once in a while is still important to give your body a rest from chemicals that are caused by inorganic food and the environment. The idea of a detox is to modify the way we currently eat with the aim of clearing an overload of toxins from the digestive system, circulatory system and other organs or cells in the body. The only type of detox diet that is worthwhile is one that limits processed, high-fat, and sugary foods, and replaces them with more whole foods like fruits and vegetables. That clean-eating approach is your best bet to getting your body in tip-top shape.

You’re the founder and CEO of Chefox. How do you juggle between business life and personal life?

Honestly, in the beginning there really wasn’t much of a balance because my work became my life. Many entrepreneurs love what they do, but they struggle with achieving work-life balance; that idyllic, elusive goal of working manageable hours, having free time to spend with loved ones, and, on top of all that, getting enough sleep, healthy meals and exercise to maintain a well-rounded life. Once my business is off the ground, the best way to motivate myself to create and maintain work-life balance is to hire the best people I can, and remember why I hired them.  Too often entrepreneurs are reluctant to let go. But I have learnt over the years that what you are hesitant to delegate out to others is probably what your team needs and craves in order to grow.

Do you think Egyptians are ‘health-aware’ enough?

Definitely not; we have 36M Egyptians overweight and obese. We are working hard to improve this by raising awareness of how important it is to get all the right basic and essential nutrients to go further in your fitness plan as well as to defeat the stress of everyday busy life.

How do you recommend losing weight the healthy way?

Seventy percent of weight loss depends on what you eat. I recommend you eat three portion-controlled and calorie counted meals and two snacks each day; exercise more; sleep well; eliminate water weight buy cutting down on sodium; drink plenty of water by going on a short water detox diet, and stop using artificial sweeteners, as they contain sugar alcohols that can cause bloating.