March ‘16
The Fanciful Couturier

March ‘16
Nada Akram
Nada Akram


With fashion swiftly growing in the Middle East, Insight caught up with iconic designer Nada Akram, who spilt the beans about her journey to becoming a renowned icon in the fashion field.

When did you first become interested in fashion?

My passion for designing started at a very early age when I used to sew dresses for my Barbie dolls, I even used to wrap my mom’s stockings around them!

What breakthrough made you reach where you are now?

Honestly, it was a long journey and was never easy, I started my brand from scratch; my capital was 500 LE, I had no support, no connections, nothing! I kept working hard till my brand was recognized by Egypt’s top stylists and stars, and this was my breakthrough.

Was being female ever an obstacle in your path to becoming a fashion designer?

It was never about the gender, it’s always about the connections and who you know and which group you belong to and that was my biggest obstacle; as I don’t belong to any group or circle and I had zero connections when I started.

What do you think is the best fast fashion collection you have designed?

Every collection has had its moment, but my latest collection is my best.

Do you design Haute Couture?

No, I only designed it twice: once for Star Yasmin Raeis for Dubai Film Festival, she was 8 months pregnant and I had to design her 2 dresses to attend the festival with, and it was a huge challenge! I also designed one dress for  Dorra for a photo-shoot, but I was never a fan of couture; I love ready-to-wear collections.

What do you think of fashion in the Middle East and how do you think it can improve?

The fashion field has been growing fast! We now have a platform that we can depend on; we need more media exposure and authentic designers and photographers also models we lack in models in the Middle East.

By Mayar El-Shamy