March ‘16
The Bold and Beautiful

March ‘16
Mona Abd El Wahab
Mona Abd El Wahab


From the genesis of her career, Mona Abd El Wahab was able to catch attention with her solid presence, shocking questions and witty style. Here we try to dig deeper and unfold what’s behind the enigmatic charm of the controversial anchor…

Which episode was the most memorable in your opinion?

I think it was Reham Saeed’s episode because she was answering every question with a question of her own and she rarely gave a specific answer. Also, she was trying to affect my confidence and dignity, she expected me to respond harshly and I tried my best not to, so it was a bit exhausting. Asala Nasry surprised me with her character and impressed me with her honesty.

How do you evaluate the amount of hustle that surrounded your latest program?

I think it’s the importance of the exclusive information about famous celebrities to their audience and the unusual difficulty of the questions. So, I evaluate it as normal feedback for that kind of content.

Why is the audience always attracted to the kind of programs that tackle celebrity gossip and sensitive topics?

Because our culture plays a big part in our concern for what is causing a buzz nowadays. Crossing the line is unusual in our culture and people are interested in unusual stuff.

Where does your confidence as a woman come from?

It comes from believing in myself, accepting my character and looks, appreciating my mistakes and learning from them instead of feeling guilty.

What are the most important lessons you learned in your life?

I learned to be kind to myself so I can be kind to others. I learned never to judge and to live and let live. I believe karma is real so what goes around comes around. I learned never to let society brainwash me and to hold onto my human side and beliefs. I learned how to overcome my fears and I believe fear is the human’s worst enemy. I learned to turn my weaknesses into a source of strength and to get over what hurts to achieve what brings happiness and I learned not to set a long term plan because life is full of surprises.

By Rania Ihab