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February ‘14
The young singer and one of the four pillars of the famous group WAMA will share with us his interests and will tell us more his life and what are his likes and dislikes
I would have to loved to be Abd el Wahab
Mohamed Nour

What do you do in your spare time?

Gym and listen to music

Where you influenced by old records& tapes? Which ones?

My work is always a mixture of the old and the new. I love the old tunes and of course I have to be up to date with the new instruments and techniques.

Who are your favorite musicians?


Do you get nervous before going on stage?

No. I love what I do and I love getting on a stage and singing.

Whats the best Valentines gift you ever received from a girl?

A watch

If you hadnt been born in this century, when and where would you like to have lived?

Egypt in the 30s where everything was classy and clean and I would have to loved to be Abd el Wahab

When and why did you start singing?

I studied in the conservatoire since I was 10 and started WAMA when I was 18 years old, so I know nothing and learnt nothing but singing so there was nothing else I want to but that.

What was the first song that you sang?

Ya lail with WAMA

What do you like most about your profession?

Its creativity; when you have some words written on a paper turn into a song with a melody and people listening to it, singing it and liking it.

What was the most important day of your life?

It is the day when I accomplish success and I feel that my work is out in the light and people are interacting with it.

Do you worry about whether people like you for the real you or because you are a celebrity?

No I dont, I know that my friends like me for who I am. And I also love my fans love and respect for me, loving me for being a celebrity doesnt bother me at all its part of who I am.

Do you make friends easily?

No not really, I have very few friends.

What is your latest release?

Kan ya makan is our new album, and should be out on Valentines Day and I hope it gets the success it deserves.

What are your wishes for 2014?

Success, happiness and good health for my family and friends and of course all the best for Egypt and to overcome all our problems.

What is the most trouble you have ever gotten into?

It is always related to work when someone steals your song or the problems we face with the producing companies. It is not an easy career; troubles are always there.

Whats your motto or the advice you live by?

With hard work, comes great reward.

If I was turn on your ipod right now, what five songs would I see on your recently played list?

Da kalam-warda

Osad ainy- amr diab

Kifak enta, fayrooz

Ala bali, aida el ayoobi

3endama ya2ty el masaa, abd elwahab