January ‘16
Insight Interview

January ‘16
Mohamed Farrag
Mohamed Farrag


His beginning was with Etisalats commercial then the widely acclaimed Ahwa Sada (Black Coffee) and a single scene in Al Jamaaa (The Brotherhood) series! These were more than enough for us to notice the great and unique talent of Mohamed Farrag who is now considered one of the well-known primary actors. We had the pleasure of interviewing the perky actor and got the chance to dig deeper into his career

Which do you prefer more: theatre, TV or cinema?

Cinema is my favourite and I enjoy it the most. You can never resist the charm of a good movie.

What do you aim in life?

To act in Hollywood and discover the allure of the movie-world there, to have an influence in my career and to be a good role model.

Whats next?

Im currently filming with the legend Youssry Nasrallah, Al Ma wa Al Khodra wa Al Wagh Alhasan (Water, Greenary and Pretty Face). I am also prearing for El Mezan (The Scale) for next Ramadan.

Talk to us about your journey as an actor.

Ive been into acting since I was a kid. I used to imitate celebrities, normal people and even animals; thats how much I was into acting. I enrolled in the High Institute of Cinema for a year but then I left and joined Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University. One given Wednesday, I went up the stage of the university theatre and made a pledge to never go down. Thats when everything started... Ive been acting for 15 years now.

Why did you leave the High Institute of Cinema?

The attitude of certain people there wasnt acceptable and my family wasnt very happy about it so I decided to leave.

What about your workshop with the director Khaled Galal?

This workshop taught me a lot! Before the workshop I used to act in my university theatre. We used to do everything ourselves from script writing to directing and lighting so we didnt have much time to focus on ourselves as actors. In Khaled Galals workshop I had the time to focus and work more on myself, not only on the acting technique but also on what being a real actor means. I consider this workshop the real start of my professional career.

How did you manage your time between your studies and your acting career?

Well, let me tell you something: I only attended about four lectures since I entered my college. I spent extra years in the university because I dedicated my whole time and effort to acting. So I wasnt an A+ student.

How long does it take you to prepare for a character?

It depends on the actor and the character. Some characters require lots of preparations so you find yourself researching and studying even after you start shooting. No matter how hard the character may be, I never choose a character unless Im completely convinced with it.

Do you like to watch yourself acting?

Only when Im alone to evaluate myself, discover what I missed, what was good and what was not to improve myself.

What genre attracts you the most?

I like the hard and complicated genres. I like challenging roles, especially when the character has a lot of mixed feelings that require a lot of work.

Is there a specific role you liked and wished to be the one playing it?

A lot! Maher in Al Mashbouh (The Suspect) played by Adel Emam, Ramy Qashaa in Batal Men Wara (A Hero from Paper) played by Mamdouh Abdel Aleim and Mohamed El Masry in El Nemr El Aswad (The Black Tiger) played by Ahmed Zaki.

In your opinion what are the most important features every actor must have?

Besides the talent of course, an actor should be smart and very patient to overcome all the obstacles he may face, selective for the characters he will play to keep on entertaining his fans. He must have the ability to deal with all kinds of people and to evaluate himself every now and then and never be arrogant.

Do you regret doing El Qashash?

I never regret anything I did even if it ended up as a bad experience. I know I select wisely the characters I play, but this movie faced some bad circumstances and people didnt get the chance to see it! Despite of that I dont regret doing it and I would do it again.

What are your priorities when it comes to choosing your roles?

I study the script hardly and study my character wisely! I must feel that the character will add to me before I accept it.

What was the funniest reaction you had from a fan?

A Facebook message was sent to me during Taht El Saytra (Under Control), from a person named Ali El Rouby (like my character in the series) saying that he was about to be kicked out of his house because of my character but he didnt care because he really liked my acting.

By Menna Helmy