November ‘16
Making Dreams A Reality

November ‘16
Mohamed Elkoossy
Mohamed Elkoossy


We’ve seen and loved him in “Al Faez Abi” (The Winner is My Father), the Middle East’s best entertainment show before it stopped airing. This isn’t your usual “Where are they now?” feature, because he hasn’t kept where he went a secret, and he’s soon to make a comeback with a new show, more charity and the philanthropic work he’s always been known for. Here’s Mohamed El Koossy on his prominence and humanitarian plans.

When did you discover your passion for humanitarian work?

I’ve had a passion for it for as long as I can remember. I’ve worked with UNICEF; I was the one to do the communication campaign of the Polio eradication move. I have also worked with UNICEF on FGM and street children projects, which marked the beginning of me doing actual work to help children through my PR agency. I have then founded my own NGO called ‘4Our Kidz’, which I unfortunately had to close before travelling to the USA. However, I continued to supervise my project ‘My Dream we make dreams come true’ from abroad. For ten years, this project made a lot of dreams a reality and I still have high hopes for how big this project is yet to become

Do you plan on bringing 4Our Kidz back?

I’m working on establishing a foundation, which will be focusing on helping children in particular and on the Egyptian population on a broader prospective.

Tell us how your program The Winner is My Father got started.

I’ve always wanted to work as a presenter. Minister Anas El-Fiqi, at the time,  and the State were engineering a huge project to face-lift the National TV.  They wanted to bring the viewership back and create a new era for TV. My program was one of the main TV shows in the plan. I was nominated by pure chance via one of my team members at my PR agency. I met the Minister for a brief meeting and his final words after the meeting were “we will see you on the screen”.

We heard you received plenty of accolades for your performance. Can you name some of them?

We won the title “Best Entertainment Show in The Middle East” in the Arabs Media Festival shortly after the first season was aired and again after the release of the second season. This was the first time at this festival that a program would win the same award two years in a row.

Everybody loved the show, why did its production halt?

We stopped during the revolution like most shows and I had to travel to the USA. Now that I am back hopefully we could work on a new season.

Any inspiring stories you would like to share with us?

Plenty! When you work with children, it’s hard not to get touched by some heartbreaking stories. There was this particular young man who wanted to become a security guard, so we got him the uniform and allowed him to act the role with other security guards for one day. He was beyond happy. We’ve taken some kids to meet with their favorite celebrities and they were overwhelmed with joy. One thing I will never forget is how one of the mothers came up to me and said “Thank you for the memories that you gave my child during the last days of his life.”

What kind of obstacles do you face?

My only obstacle is finding a dedicated team to work with me so it won’t be “a one man show”. This will also give me the chance to focus on new community related projects.

How can people support ‘My Dream we make dreams come true’?

By spreading the word. The more people know about us, the more we could help children.