February ‘16
Capturing Egypt from his own lens

February ‘16
Mohamed Ehab
Mohamed Ehab


Having decided to shed the light on Egypt’s beautiful sightseeing, the insightful Mohamed Ehab made ideal use of his talent and passion to create something that people from around the world would turn heads to!

What is your mission in the world of photography?

To show people the world through my own camera.

How does it feel winning the competition among 350 other applicants from around the world?

It was such an amazing feeling and I was surprised because there were many competitive photos from all over the world with different ideas.

Whatís your favourite place in Egypt to photograph?

Well, there are so many places in Egypt I like to photograph but I loved Al Fayoum as there are several breathtaking landscapes to capture like the waterfalls, Qarun Lake, Elhitan Valley and the sand dunes. I really adore the nature there.

What are the challenges you face with #FollowMeToEgypt?

The challenge I face in my project on the professional side is that each time I have the desire to take a shot for a place it has to be taken from a certain perceptive that portrays a story, which requires a high level of creativity. Other challenges I face are that sometimes I need to capture photos in daytime, which means the places are crowded with people so it requires more effort so people could cooperate. They eventually become helpful and I can remember that some people guided me to places I have never been to.

By Myrna Zaki