September ‘16

September ‘16
Mohamed Al Sagheer
Mohamed Al Sagheer


There is more learning to life than the pages of a textbook and Mohamed Al Sagheer is the perfect example to prove it! Al Sagheer name is a trademarked brand in the Egyptian beauty industry. He has simply done it all yet still thinks that he has a lot more to offer. We got an exclusive 101 with the beauty tycoon amid his super busy schedule, here’s what he told us…

How did you discover your passion for hair styling?

Ever since I was just 14. It has really developed my general perception; I got to see life from a different lens. It was an industry that introduced me to an entirely different community from the one I was used to. Other than the fact that I fell in love with styling and fashion in general and how artistic it could be.

What are the main obstacles that faced you?

Just the usual ones that face anyone who’s introduced to a world they’re not familiar with. You try so hard to prove yourself and to measure up to the community you’re now a part of.

How did you come across Alexandre de Paris and how did it feel working with him?

It all started by admiring his work. And on alucky day, a Saudi princess, who was one of his loyal customers, came to my uncle’s salon and decided to introduce me to him, after a conversatin between us. We met and helped me get a beauty certificate after seeing how talented I was. He was very modest despite being the most famous hair stylist in the world, and this the bes thing he taught me. He also taught me how to love my job and make the most use out of my talent.

Who were the celebrities you’ve worked with throughout your career?

I was responsible for styling famous icons abroad before I came back to Egypt. I styled Sophia Loren, when I was in Paris, as well as Jerry Hall for an Opium commercial and many princesses! Laila Eloui was The first celebrity I started with in Egypt.

How have you dealt with the ongoing rising competition?

Starting is always a hard step to take; however keeping up with the same enthousiasm is the real challenge. My team is my greatest assistance; they are very innovative, and I give them the freedom and trust to be creative and they excel in helping me. I was
also the first hairstylist to have a professional Lebanese staff in Egypt before they invade the Egyptian market. However, I truly think
Egyptians are just as professional if not more in terms of fashion and hair styling. Egyptians were the pioneers that everyone followed, but unfortunately the wheel turned

What is the message behind your book ‘Days of my Life’?

It’s a very educational book and my aim is to inspire youth out there. Another reason why I wrote the book, is because I wanted people to know who I was, read into how I got where I am now, and find their inspiration. It was mainly dedicated to my son, grandchildren, and youth in general. I wanted to address them and convey my message that nothing is impossible with hard work and that all dreams come true if one is ambitious and optimistic. All the profit generated by my book goes directly to Magdi Yacoub’s institution.

You have recently established a charity campaign under your name. What can you tell us about it?

We want to establish a semi-charity campaign in the form of an educational academy. It has been halted due to the recent instability going on in the country, but we’re working on it hard. We aim to give trainings to different people in various fields from fashion design and hairstyling to handling electronics.

How is fashion and beauty styling different in Egypt?

Egyptian women have a very different fashion sense. One thing I wish women would enjoy now, is to be able to dress and behave the way they wanted, like old days, without being harassed or scorned. Women need more space to express themselves and sadly some women turn to completely cover themselves up just to protect themselves.

Is there anything you look forward to achieving?

Mainly, the Academy! I really hope I live longer to establish more charitable events and campaigns. Another main goal that I have is to open more branches in more Egyptian cities and around the world. Maybe I’ll live to see my brand reach Europe!

What’s your message for those who look up to you as a role model?

I hope I could be a good inspiration for the youth to follow their dreams. And whatever dream you choose to follow, remember to always be honest in your words and in your work.