November ‘14
Insight Interview

November ‘14
Mireille Dagher
Mireille Dagher


Mireille Dagher's exceptional talent attractes a lot of international celebrities making her one of the inspiring fashion designers in the world. Following her huge success at 'Paris Fashion Week', she is marked as a fashion legend that we won't easily forget.

What attracted you to the fashion world?

My interest in fashion developed in my youth, as I loved to sew and I often modified my own clothes and embroidered them. My mother also opened me up to various sewing techniques and taught me several handicrafts including embroidery and needlepoint, as well as designing and making accessories. My love for fashion motivated me into this world. Fashion is such a rich field and has broad horizons where the more you learn, the more you discover and the more you are enticed to learn even more. It enabled me to show my capacities, my art and my taste.

How can you evaluate the industry in the Middle East today?

Despite the worldwide economical crisis, one third of our clients come from the Middle East. This region has outstanding capacities; this is why we have to preserve the required quality and caliber to ensure the future of the fashion industry. Not to mention that a lot of Arab fashion designers have become internationally known and have proven to be serious competitors to foreign world-known fashion designers.

What is your source of inspiration as a designer?

My imagination is my main source of inspiration. The imagination is what gives each designer his/her own special touch. But of course, what supports this imagination is everything beautiful, such as a painting or a rich fabric that could be translated into a certain design. If I am sketching a design for a specific woman, her personality would be my main source of inspiration.

Your success reached an international level and a lot of Hollywood celebrities were spotted in Mireille Dagher couture, who is your favorite to dress and why?

I would like to dress Angelina Jolie, not only because she is gorgeous but because she holds a noble and humanitarian position as a U.N ambassador for refugees in the Middle East. I love all the celebrities who have worn my designs, such as Paula Patton, Zulay Henao, Rita Guades, Terri Seymour, Jeannie Mai, Brooke Burke, Morena Baccarin, Gabrielle Union, Shanola Hampton and many others.

What is the hardest part about being an international designer?

When you present your collection to an international audience you have to review each design and every detail. Every collection is a source of new responsibility that grows with fame. The more famous you get, the higher you aim for bigger ambitions. You feel that you have to make more efforts to offer the best you have to all fashion lovers across the world.

What did you aim to achieve when you started the 'Mireille Dagher' brand?

My goal was to satisfy my desire of becoming a world famous designer, as well as the financial profit that would help me uphold the best quality of production and move forward to always refine and improve my work.

From all of your collections, which is the closest to your heart and why?

Each of my shows is essential in my professional journey, but the first one I presented in Lebanon is my favorite as it was the first glimpse of fame I got and it opened for me a lot of opportunities.

How do you prepare for a new collection? And what's the hardest part of the process?

Each of my collections is a starting point for the creation of the following one, because I pay a lot of attention to the feedback I receive. The main point of focus is to create something special, new and usually there are different directions to take during the preparations. You have to make sure to choose the right path, preserve the theme and be able to combine two different ideas in perfect harmony to constitute the collection.

What is your advice for the upcoming designers who wish to follow your path?

I advice them to be patient and persistent because the competition is getting bigger. They have to give their best to stand out, and make the best use of media and internet. They have to always come up with original ideas, and new techniques. It would help them succeed in the demanding world of fashion.

If you get to choose one icon (dead or alive) to be the face of your new collection, who would you choose and why?

I would choose Lady Diana for her elegance, beauty and popularity, and also because she was very natural and lacked any sort of pretention regarding her title.

What's new for Mireille Dagher?

My 2015 Ready-To-Wear Spring/Summer collection was launched during 'Paris Fashion Week', and the 2015 Spring/Summer Haute Couture collection will be launched next month.