October ‘16

October ‘16
Mido Barsoum
Mido Barsoum


We asked our favourite food bloggers with the most trust worthy taste buds where we should dine and what places to avoid. Here’s what they told us!

Where do you think is the finest place to dine in Cairo? Can you tell us why? 


Kazoku, because – in short – they know what they’re doing! The level of sophistication in their dishes is very high, with a lot of thought and purpose to back it up. It is a true example of an international level of fine dining in Egypt.


What is your favourite: 


Appetizer: Tuna Sashimi from Gigi Burger Bar.  

Main dish: Tea Infused Steamed Salmon at the Lemon Tree & Co.

Dessert: Creme Brulee from Brew & Chew.

Forbidden love: Elvis French Toast  from Mince.

Foreign cuisine: Hands down Korean Barbeque from Hana in Zamalek. It’s so much fun to grill your own fresh food at the table. The smell of the drippings falling into the flame burner lend a very strong appetite and excite the whole body for the meal to come!

Restaurant Décor: Abul Sid when it comes to Arabian décor; it really grabs the essence of Egyptian culture in each and every detail.I also went to Tao in Las Vegas a few years back and it was phenomenal! It had a true sense of Asia with a very modern twist. Even the plates and serving tools were Asian inspired.

Drink: Affogato Coffee from Cafe di Roma.

Describe elaborately your first experience of dining in your favourite restaurant. 



The most remarkable memory would have to be at a tiny spot in London called Tokyo Diner. It was my first time to try Sushi and I almost couldn’t swallow it because of how repulsed I was by the textures. Who would have thought that this would actually be the start of my journey to become the connoisseur in Japanese cuisine that I am today!

Can you name any restaurants you wish would open in Egypt? 



I honestly don’t think that we need any specific brand of restaurant to open in Egypt, we just need well educated chefs and restaurateurs. A humble place that serves food with passion and can find creative ways to adapt to the inconsistencies of the Egyptian market would go quite a long way in my opinion.


What are foods you must avoid at all costs and why? 


Anything overcooked! Please, stop accepting or eating overcooked food! It is extremely unhealthy for your digestive system and it will have also lost most of its nutritional value. Here in Egypt and the Middle East, we tend to overcook a lot of or proteins by habit and lack of knowledge unfortunately. This doesn’t make it okay. Try a poached chicken breast versus one that has been grilled to the driest of all dooms. Even the experience in chewing is more pleasurable when it’s properly cooked. So, please… stop eating overcooked anything!