June ‘16
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June ‘16
Menna Amer
Menna Amer


Anything you would like to share with our readers.

I would like to ask them to please listen to the radio in Ramadan and not only in your cars. Please don’t make it a TV series-only season! 

What are 3 products do you love the most for this summer season? (In Technology, Perfume, and Cars)

For technology, always my mobile because it has Internet and a camera so I can still be on social media. In the morning, I go for body splashes and at night I use Burberry perfume, but most importantly tanning oil and anything regarding the sun. As for cars, because of the increase of prices, I think this summer will be all about bikes.

If stranded on an island, what are 3 items you must have?

My mobile, a mirror, and food.

What are 3 things that must be in your bag or car at all times?

My makeup kit, phone charger, and wallet. But my makeup kit is number one even though I don’t put on makeup, but for some reason it has to be with me.

Are you part taking in any TV series/radio this Ramadan?

Yes, I will be presenting something on Radio Hits 88.2 that will be different and exciting.

Do you ever watch/listen your own work?

I never ever listen to myself, I hate it and I thank god that 90% of my work is on air, but even the ones that are recorded I like to stay away from.

What are the “Musalsalat” that you are addicted to in Ramadan?

I don’t really enjoy prank shows in Ramadan, they are always right after Iftar so they include so many ads in between. If there is a buzz about a specific show, I just watch it online later. I focus more on series that are starring specific people or targeting specific cases. But I don’t like action shows with murders and such.

What are the foods and beverages that you cannot enjoy Ramadan without?

Ramadan without mahshi is not Ramadan! Don’t even get me started on the Mulukhiyah. I enjoy the Egyptian traditional cuisine and Lebanese cuisine than any other, but when Ramadan is at the gate, it is all about Egyptian. When it comes to Sohour, beans and beverages such as Karkade and Tamarind “Tamrhindi” are a must, and of course, it is all about the desserts! I indulge in Konafa and in any Eastern sweets, especially now that they have added red velvet on everything.

Do you prefer cooking or dining out? (Iftar/ Sohour)

For me, cooking is a bit difficult in Ramadan, but that’s something I’m willing to try out this year. 

What are the Ramadan traditions that you love the most?

I love everything about Ramadan traditions, the thought that everyone is gathered together everyday whether friends or family and how the people roam the sleepless streets is amazing to me. Oddly enough, it’s the month when Egypt regains its true identity with all the decorations and lanterns. I love how everyone prays the taraweeh at the same time and watch the shows at the same time. Different lifestyles of different social statuses fade away and everyone just becomes a mere Egyptian.

How do you prepare for Ramadan?

Family-related gatherings and charity arrangements, but it’s mostly all about the family.