February ‘16
The High-Flier…

February ‘16
Mahmoud Mostafa Kamal
Mahmoud Mostafa Kamal


A traveller, a dreamer, a writer and a risk taker, he could be anything you ever wanted to be. He’s that guy that changed his life and is trying to change the lives of those around him. He loves his country and loves what he does

What can you tell us about yourself?

I’m a 28 year old Egyptian who lives in Egypt, although most people think I don’t. I am a cars-reporter and the Editor in Chief of eltawkeel.com, travel blogger, scriptwriter and co-host of the radio show ‘Fe El-Agala EL-Salama’.

What does travelling mean to you?

A tool to know yourself better, to explore the world, measure yourself between other people, develop yourself and think differently.

What’s the story behind your obsession with cars?

I have been in love with cars since I was a kid, and as a Mass Communication student, all my projects in college were about cars. I’ve always loved to photograph race cars. After graduation and with the revolution happening, the press was entirely focused on politics so I worked as an Editor in Chief at Al-Tahrir TV channel. but after a while, I didn’t want to work in politics  and I noticed that there weren’t much focus on car reporting, so I worked on the idea of eltawkeel.com. I started the project with a digital agency “Icon Creation” that wanted to start up a website for car services.. For a month, the website wasn’t a hit until I covered Red Bull car drifts event and the director of the race saw my coverage and posted it on his website which made huge difference for our website.

What’s the first thing that comes on your mind When I say ‘This is Egypt’?

Egypt is known for producing very qualified, hard working, ambitious and successful individuals. Another thing is, our history and heritage is unparalleled! We are the only people who have 7,000 years of inheritances that fascinate people and make them respect us. In 1000 years the pharaohs of Egypt will still be remembered.

By Menna Helmy