August ‘14
Insight Interview

August ‘14
Mae Alyan
Mae Alyan


With every new idea she creates and every distinctive design she explodes, she wows everybody with her sense of art and peculiar style. Mae Alyan, the owner of Naw3em for bags and accessories shares with us everything about her dream that turned into reality, her future projects, favourite summer trends and a lot more.

First, What can you tell us about yourself?

I am a 27-year-old dreamer who has always loved fashion. When I was 3 I used to play with my mother's bags heels and makeup and when high school started everybody started accusing me of being a shopaholic, they didn't know how much I love fashion and how much I would appreciate a pretty bag, dress or shoes. I have a thing for anything that looks pretty. I have studied Marketing and International Business but I've always immersed my self in Fashion and Arts, the idea of Nawa3em was conceived in May 2011 precisely on my birthday and ever since then I have had the support of my family, my husband and my friends.

Why did you choose to specialize in handbags and accessories?

Because I Love handbags and accessories, who doesn't? You know, even when you gain weight and your pants won't fit anymore a pretty handbag will always make you look good and feel good, same goes with accessories.

Everything that is beautiful inspires me. Art, portraits, music, cultures, fashion blogs and social media and that's why I find myself planted in front of my computer screen for hours and hours daily.

One of the unique things about your creations is that they make a statement of their own, I guess that requires taking a huge risk, doesn't that make you afraid?

I am a fashion designer I have to be innovative and creative and to be honest the word afraid is not in my dictionary because fashion is all about taking risks.

Why 'Nawa3em'?

Because I wanted an oriental name for my brand that will sound good and look good written in Arabic.

What one piece that you created is the closest to your heart, and why?

The closest piece to my heart is the pink candy bag that has the phrase' Helwa we Tenka' Written on it, because it was the beginning of my success, everybody liked it and everybody wanted to order it and it was very pretty and flashy.

What fashion advice can you give our fashionistas this summer?

I would say mix and match, stay original and go for the outfits that compliment your body.

In your opinion, what one piece of accessory/ bag every woman should own?

I believe every woman should have a black classic Chanel flap bag.

Now after almost four years of success, are you pleased with what you've reached?

I am pleased and grateful but not satisfied, I know I still have more to give.

Would you consider creating your own clothing line?

Yes, I am working on it right now.

What is the blessing/curse of being a designer?

The Blessing is in every piece I imagine then bringing it to life and getting positive feedback on it, this makes me very happy. The curse is the stress I feel before releasing a new collection, but it gets better with time as I gain more experience and more confidence in what I am doing.

Hahaha, well what's in my bag right now is not very attractive, my mobile phone, my car keys, folic acid, my Dior wallet and a pack of Maltesers.

What are your coming projects?

I just created a new luxury handbag line 'Queen Maz' and the first collection will be released very soon.

Most stylish summer destination'¦ Saint Tropez.

By Rania Ihab