October ‘16

October ‘16
Loai Emad
Loai Emad


We asked our favourite food bloggers with the most trust worthy taste buds where we should dine and what places to avoid. Here’s what they told us!

Can you name any restaurants you wish would open in Egypt?


A few come to mind, Cheesecake factory, In-n-Out, any decent Italian pizza place and Krispy Kreme!

What are foods you must avoid at all costs and why?


As for places to avoid, well, I’m not fond of all those oriental-Egyptian-street food places that popped up in the past couple of years. I’m not saying that you should avoid them; they’re just not my thing. Also cafes that serve low quality food and charge a premium for it, Have some respect for your customers!

Where do you think is the finest place to dine in Cairo? Can you tell us why?


I love Kazoku if you’re in the fifth settlement, and Sachi or Flambé in Heliopolis. They’re by far the best fine dining experience you could ever have in Cairo. They offer unprecedented quality and exquisite menu selection, coupled with gorgeous and luxuriant interior design.

What is your favourite: 


Appetizer: I don’t think I have a favourite appetizer. 

Main dish: I mainly go for the steaks or grilled salmon.
Dessert: Anything rich with lots of dark chocolate!
Forbidden love: Pizza, DUH!
Foreign cuisine: Japanese food.
Restaurant Décor: I’m not picky, anything easy on the eyes.
Drink: I’m a sucker for tropical drinks, Pina Colada in particular.

Describe elaborately your first experience of dining in your favourite restaurant. 


I don’t have one specific favourite restaurant.