February ‘16
Miss EgytUniverse

February ‘16
Lara Debbane
Lara Debbane


In an incredibly successful attempt to portray the right and prestigious image of Egyptian women, Lara Debbane, Miss Egypt Universe has opened up to Insight about her dreams, goals, passions and beliefs as a multi- talented beauty icon. Her life-adoring ch

In your opinion, what makes an Egyptian woman stand out?

Egyptian women are unique; they have many characteristics that make them special. In my opinion, the most unique thing that makes Egyptian women in particular stand out is their persistence in life despite many challenges that they may face in their daily lives.

To what extent do you think Egyptian women are using their capabilities and power in sending their true image to the world?

Well we have so many examples of well-empowered Egyptian women that have followed their ambition and reached lots of success. Of course we cannot say that today all women are empowered and have managed to send their true image to the world; there is still a lot to be done but we are definitely on our way and progressing in many aspects of life.

Tell us about your Miss Universe experience.

The Miss Universe experience was a unique one; it has added a lot of precious memories and great experience to my life. I felt really proud to represent Egypt after the revolution… It made me feel proud to actually communicate with all the contestants about how great and persistent Egyptians are. When I went there I had only one thing in mind: To meet all the participants from all over the world and encourage them to visit Egypt… I even had several clips where I made them speak few words in Arabic. I was really happy to do that. 

What is your main passion in life?

I have so many passions in life; I love nature, music, art and dancing. My main passion however is dancing. I love music and once I hear it I feel so alive and my body just starts following the rhythm.

By Myrna Zaki