August ‘16
Ismail Fouad Founder of Amaze Projects

August ‘16
Ismail Fouad
Ismail Fouad


We finally met the mastermind behind ‘Amaze Projects’ and he is absolutely amazeballs. This ingenious party animal decided to satiate everyone’s inclination to unleash their inner party beast through the craziest events by ‘Back2Basics’. For the calmer beasts out there, ‘Adam’s Grill’ and ‘Blend Refreshment Station’ will be your ideal harbour. Enough about what we think, here’s what Ismail Kassem has informed us about how he successfully created all the previously mentioned concepts.

What’s your philosophy?

Life is too short to waste it on matters that won’t do you any good. 

Give us a brief about your previous most famous events/projects.

Our products vary from healthy fast food like ‘Adam’s Grill’ and ‘Blend Refreshment Station’ to ‘Back2Basics’, which is a premium and wild nightlife concept that moves locations regularly but focuses on creating the biggest, most pumping dance floors possible. ‘Signature Weddings & Events’ is another project that will soon be launched. 

How do you manage to stay on top?

We really enjoy what we do and we honestly believe in competing only against ourselves all the time. We also have a very close contact with our guests and clients who make it really hard to miss the details because you immerse yourself in it.  

Tell us about yourself and your organization/company.

I am a veteran party animal who turned his passion and lifestyle into a very rewarding job. I am extremely lucky to have been able to have some of my closest friends become my colleagues and business partners. We have launched ‘Amaze Projects’ almost four years ago with the vision to only do jobs we like and believe in. We actually made a pact never to work for another day in our lives after we quit our corporate careers, and everything is so far being executed according to plan. 

What separates your brand/ services from the competition?

I don’t have an answer to that. We never compare ourselves to anyone.  

What trends are emerging in the nightlife scene lately?

The number of people that want to party has significantly increased. There are larger crowds whose sole objective is to have fun with their friends, rather than hook up and fish for one night stands or what have you. There’s more outrageous fashion and appearance and more dancing and less talking.  

How do you reinvent your identity?

I listen to my guests and clients. Period. They’re the ones who let me know what they want, not me, and not my agency. As long as you make your guests and clients your number one priority, and shape your efforts according to what will satisfy them, there’s not much that can go wrong.

How has nightlife in Egypt evolved in the last five years and why?


It evolved dramatically and in the direction has forced everyone to accept the differences between each other respectfully. I believe the posh clubbing days are over now and we’re being shaped like any major capital around the world; a mixed crowed whose goal is to have fun and experience nights that engender great memories. People have significantly become more tolerant of one another, and more respectful of each other’s boundaries.

 In your opinion what’s Egypt’s nightlife missing today?

           There’s a little missing here and there, but mostly good venues.    

What’s new this summer?

There is a major piece of news involving a new nightclub partnering with us in collaboration with another major nightlife favourite to bring you our latest beast that we call “Hybrid”. 

A successful party is/includes…

 Just one word: DANCING! 

What are three things that must be in your bag or car at all times?

Phone, wallet, car keys and all in my pockets; no bags! 

If stranded on an island what are three items you must have?

Water, Fruit, and weed! haha 

What are three products you love the most for this summer season?

In technology, I’m all about this new camera called DJI Osmo, it’s seriously a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to using it more. As for the other two, I really don’t care as long as they are both premium quality. 

Anything you would like to share with our readers.

Yeah. Summer is finally here! So please join us at the #Funtimes and come party with us.



Photo Credit: CairoScene