March ‘17
A Comedy Icon

March ‘17
Injy Abou El So'oud
Injy Abou El So'oud


When you think of contemporary comedians, you think about all those painfully clever vlogs we come across on social media based on rants that say everything we’re thinking. There’s no one who says exactly what’s on our mind, in humour we adore, like Innjy Abou El So’oud does. We had a lovely talk with her on how she evolved into the comedy icon she is today, and that’s what she told us.

What can you tell us about yourself?

I’m a person who loves films along with that feeling I get whenever I detach from the whole world for 2 hours or so. To witness someone else's story is just a beautiful thing. Unless it's one of my least favourite films like Dawn of Justice or something. I have the same feeling towards music. You just put on your headphones and let some instruments and vocals flow from heaven and into your body to soothe your soul. I'm a girl who hopes to change the world to a better place by any means, so even if I fail, I know I’ll die trying.

How did you manage to join 'Elbernameg'?

Bassem Youssef tweeted that he's working on a new show and asked whoever wants to join to send their CVs and answer a couple of questions. I did, they called, went for an interview and BAM! I joined one of the greatest TV shows.

What did you learn from Bassem Youssef?

I learned dedication, honesty, patience and above all, how to have fun while working hard!

Where did the idea of 'Vignette' come from? Did you expect this huge success?

‘The Planet’ is a digital creative agency that produces its own, homegrown, content along with content for clients. As a video team, we previously brainstormed and piloted several shows, which had limited success, before hitting the jackpot with ‘Vignette’ and other shows later on. I knew ‘Vignette’ would have a fair chance of success, but never expected the huge popularity we are lucky to have achieved.

Do you dream about having your own TV show or does social media provide you with a wider viewership?

My ambition is to have my very own show that would hopefully achieve great popularity and success, whether it's digital or on TV. Although I'm a bit skeptical of current TV show formats.

What about 'Salizon'?

We are now working on our second season, and Hesham Afifi is on board. This season is different, as we're not commenting on Ramadan TV series, but rather on TV talk shows on various channels and networks. ‘Salizon’ is well known for its iconic window, right? That's exactly what we want to convey; a window where we can all joke and rant about the absurdity each of us experiences on TV. In other words, it’s a window where you can get some “fresh” air.

Tell us about the feedback you receive. Any funny stories you can share with us?

As for the celebrities, some of them are accepting of the criticism but most are not because we don't really have the culture of critique and satire yet. As for the audience, it's been mostly positive, thankfully.

By Rania Ihab