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Igniting the Firebreak of Success

October ‘16
We’ve all undoubtedly heard about ‘Ignite’ and its growing success in leaps and bounds. (in)sight got together with the shrewd mind behind Cairo’s most talked about Fitness Centre, and he told us all about his journey of carving inroads for Performance Training in Egypt.
Hussein Abdeldayem

When did you discover your passion for Sports? And how did you end up making fitness a lifestyle?

I discovered my passion for sport at the age five when I started going to the club and participating in almost all sports. I had too much energy and sports enabled me to get it all out without getting in trouble while making a ton of new friends.


Who motivated you the most during your journey to start ‘Ignite’?


My mum and my older sister. They always encouraged me to keep going especially during the hardest times. When everything seemed impossible, they never failed to give me that extra push! 


Is there a particular reason as to why you chose the name ‘Ignite’ for your business?


I truly believe that everyone has a comfort zone of which they seldom attempt to step out, even if it’s for their own benefit. I decided I wanted to push those who needed a helping hand and guide them outside their safe circle for them to achieve their goals. I like to think of this helping hand as a spark or a flame that lights the very beginning of the road; this is where the name ‘Ignite’ came from. It’s the torch that leads people to embarking on the journey of stepping outside of the bubble. 


What motivated you to start ‘Ignite’, and what can you tell us about it? 


I was an athlete for over 13 years; I played football in Egypt for Zamalek, Wadi Degla as well as for the national team, which are both considered very competitive. I then played in the US for a semester and sports there were extremely demanding and much more challenging than I had ever experienced. That experience enlightened me on how fit high-end athletes can be and proved to me how out of shape we are as Egyptian athletes! Later on, I felt that I have had enough of football and redirected my passion towards physical training. That’s when I decided I wanted to help as many athletes as possible to reach their full potential through the science of performance training. Performance training is the science used with professional athletes around the globe but particularly in Europe and the US. It has only met raging successful for decades; in Rio 2016 Olympics for instance, we saw how the USA team and many of their athletes were breaking countless records, mainly because they use science to train their athletes. Our programs differ based on the fitness level of the athlete we are dealing with, their inherent physical capabilities, their sport, their goals, their level of competition and their professionalism. 


What are the services provided by ‘Ignite’?


Performance training for elite athletes, performance training for amateur athletes, sports camps, corporate team building events and educational seminars and workshops. 


On what basis do you choose your coaches at ‘Ignite’? 


We select our coaches on very specific criteria that I’ve learned through scientific research and personal experience from training. 

Do you believe that a big part of the transformation journey is based on the type of food that enters the body?


Definitely. Proper nutrition=better performance! 


How does it feel to be responsible for transforming lives?


It can sometimes be scary, but that responsibility helps me wake up every day knowing that my life has great potential and meaning. 


How do you feel when you see the transformation that you have made to a person? And do you keep track of one’s journey?


It feels great of course, but without their own hard work and dedication, it would never be possible. We certainly do, in the event that someone wants to make us part of it. 


Do you ever skip workouts? 


I’m human, some days are so hectic at work that I can’t put in a workout or slack off in one. But working out actually makes my mood and my day much more positive so I refuse to skip it on most days! 


What motivates you to continue even under stress?


I’m completely aware that life has its flaws; it will never be an impeccable paradise. So I need to constantly remind myself that when things get overwhelming, it’s a phase that will just pass and won’t stay like that forever. 


How did social media contribute to your success as a person and to ‘Ignite’s’ success?


It put me under the spotlight for sure, and it was through it that people learnt about ‘Ignite’ and what it is. But that’s as far as the contribution goes. Other than that, hard work, sleepless nights and a lot of heartache is what really brought ‘Ignite’ to where it is at present.  


Can you give a fitness or health recommendation or to our readers?


Don’t stress too much, don’t take things personally and take it easy!