July ‘14
Insight Interview

July ‘14
Hoda Abboud
Hoda Abboud


Despite her disappearance from the shining world of fame, Egypt has always been her true love and she would do anything to make it the best country in the world. Her life is divided between her work and her little Miss Sunshine. Hoda Abboud, Miss Egypt 1987 is one of the beautiful faces that are hard to forget.

Why did you decide to join the political world? What did it add to you?

I joined the political world to influence our society and make a difference, and to use effectively the skills I gained through my experience in a way that can help my country flourish.

Would you consider re-joining the parliamentary elections?


How do you spend your day?

I start my day with my beautiful daughter who is the sunshine of my life. After she goes to school, I go to my office. I have a small company that plans and organizes events and conferences.

Do you remember the moment you were crowned Miss Egypt? How did you feel then?

Of course I do remember, there are moments in one's life that are kept forever and this is one of them. I felt very proud and was so much looking forward to the responsibility that came with the title.

What encouraged you to join Miss Egypt Beauty Pageant?

My whole family, my mother, my father and all my sisters, they encouraged me to go for it.

What did you gain from this experience?

I gained so much out of this experience. I acquired skills that helped me in my life and made me ready for the real world challenges. It opened new opportunities in my life through the influential people I met. It helped me become a change agent by raising awareness and affecting change for social issues, especially when it comes to women's position in the society.

Why do you think Beauty Pageants in Egypt are not as successful as before?

It is because it is not well marketed and it is not positioned in the right way, which negatively affects the perception, and not so many girls are keen to participate.

Unlike most beauty queens, you refused all the offers to act or to work as a TV host, why?

I did what I do best, I love art in all its types and I love to promote it, that is why I joined the Alexandria opera and organized so many concerts and hosted so many shows from all over the world.

Why didn't you peruse a career in your field of studies?

I graduated from Fine Art as an interior decorator, which complemented most of my career ambitions. I practice my field of studies at home (haha).

How do you see the role of women as a part of a growing community today?

Women are an integral part of any growing community. A well-balanced community has both men and women working towards this goal.

What do we still need to do to gain equal rights under the male domination?

All what we need is to keep working hard to prove ourselves and be good in whatever we are pursuing, and I see it changing fast. There are a lot of very successful women whether in politics, business etc.