December ‘14
Insight Interview

December ‘14
Haya Alshishtawy
Haya Alshishtawy


Insight got a glimpse into Haya Alshishtawy's world as a growing bag designer, her sustainable ethos, which makes her bags ethically pleasing, and what inspires this small business owner to keep on pushing towards a more viable way of approaching fashion.

What Can You Tell Us About Yourself?

I am a girl who adores fashion and design. I graduated from Ain Shams University, Faculty of Arts, Media and Communication Department. After graduation I decided to pursue a career in my dream field. I took courses and learned how to cut patterns and sketch designs. I believe that everyone must have a goal and work hard to achieve it regardless of the difficulties they face.

What Inspires You As A Designer?

My work is inspired by the eternal beauty and elegance interweaved with modern life's fast pace.

Why Did You Choose To Specialize In Oil Painted Portrait Bags?

I come from a family of painters, so it's natural that my work is inspired by oil painted portraits. It's a beautiful feeling to incorporate the elegance and beauty of past and present, creating a unique work of art.

Is There One Piece That You Created That Is Closest To Your Heart, And Why?

Of course Omar Sharief's oil painted bag. Although it required a lot of hard work and time but I enjoyed working on it a lot.

How Can You Evaluate The Fashion Industry In Egypt Today?

The fashion industry is definitely booming, we have a lot of aspiring talented designers, but what we lack is sponsorship.

What Fashion Advice Can You Give Our

Fashionistas This Season?

In Your Opinion, What Bag Should Every Woman Should Own?

A unique black crafted handbag that suits every occasion.

What Is The Blessing/Curse Of Being A


What Are Your Coming Projects?

I am planning to launch a line for female apparel that matches my bag designs. I am still in the early steps of the process and I hope it turns into a huge success.

By Rania Ihab