June ‘15
Insight Interview

June ‘15
Hassan Hegazi
Hassan Hegazi


Hassan Hegazi's success in the fashion world stems from a case of pure talent. His brand has grown steadily since he officially launched his first collection becoming a staple for a lot of A list clients. The young designer opened to Insight about his lux designs, rising career and future collaborations'¦

Where do you dig for inspiration?

Anywhere and everywhere, sometimes I find it in a woman I see in the street, sometimes a fabric or a vintage dress and sometimes photography, art and movies. I am very visual and I love to just see things and store them in my mind like a picture.

How can you evaluate the industry in the Middle East nowadays?

It is amazing how quickly the Middle Eastern fashion world has grown; it represents the true portrayal of luxury and elegance whilst remaining fresh and contemporary. The Middle Eastern woman has become very certain of what she likes in fashion and it now seems to be a necessary thing in their lives.

What design/ line of yours do you consider the highlight of your career? Usually I have one dress from each collection, but as a full collection I love my S/S 2011 line, as it still looks fresh, clean and instyle.

Who do you think is the ideal woman to represent your designs?

The perfect woman to represent my brand is someone confident, strong, glamorous and fun who loves luxury and loves to dress up.

What sparked your interest in fashion?

As a child, I had an instinct for art and fashion and I have always been fascinated by women clothes.

How has your work evolved since you began your own label?

I think my work has evolved and developed in many ways. I have gained more experience in what women like to wear and how they feel in certain pieces and as a result this has strengthened by collections. The fabrics and colors that I use have become more diverse and experimental; it is actually one of my favorite parts of the design process.

What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started your career?

The lesson I always live by is to remain ambitious, passionate and enthusiastic about my brand and not to be too impatient when expecting too many results too quickly.

Which of your contemporaries sizzle your eyes with their designs?

There are so many brands and designers that are amazing but I am more excited by signatures of old brands like Thierry Mugler, the over the top glamour of Gianna Versace and the dark romance of Alexander Mcqueen.

Your success reached an international level and a lot of Hollywood celebrities were spotted wearing your designs, who is your favourite to dress and why?

Without a doubt Madonna! I love her confidence, daring style and care free mentality; she does what she wants and rarely cares what others think. She has been a true style icon for ages and if I got the chance to dress her one-day I would be a very happy man.

What are your plans for 2015?

Currently I am still working on my project with Coca Cola. I have my own can that is available across the Middle East. I also have an exclusive collection at Harvey Nichols Kuwait. Next I will be launching pre S/S16 and more collections after that.

Summer is finally here, what are your beach essentials?

Sunglasses, sun cream, water and my earphones.

By Rania Ihab