March ‘14
Insight Interview

March ‘14
Gigi Gamil
Gigi Gamil


Imagine being responsible of feeding 100 person everyday. That's the job of Mrs. Gigi Gamil, she is the founder and owner of Gigi's Home Taste for Catering. Gigi has been in the catering business for over than 25 years now.

What is your favourite food/cuisine?

I like Italian food because I adore pasta even if it is without sauce, plain aldente with melting cheese.. It's mouth-watering.

Who taught you about food?

My mum, since I was a little girl I used to watch my mother cooking and making for example pickled lemon jars for all our neighbourhood. It always fascinated me seeing people craving her food specially when she used to bake.

What was your first job in catering?

It was like 25 years ago by coincidence not planned when a priest at our church asked me to prepare a feast dinner for 300 pax, he knew that I am good cook because I used to send him mini pizza.

How did you find your current path in life? Was there a turning point or 'AH-Ha' moment for you?

After this party, a lot of people liked my food, I found them asking me to make them meals for their parties too.. And all of the sudden I found myself having regular clients and since I tried working in many fields like tourism in Luxor and I couldn't find myself I decided to have my own project, at the beginning I work from my home then when things got better I decided to have my own place.

Could you describe a day in your shoes? As a cook, mother and wife, is there a normal day?

I got used to it I wake up everyday at 7:00AM I prepare my youngest daughter for school and I hit to the markets buying my daily ingredients. Lucky me I get help from my two teen age girls but my poor husband he is the one suffering since I am always late, ironically, I am rarely able to cook lunch at home, i caterer to my family daily.

Tell us about your cooking style. What makes your food unique in the industry?

What makes it unique that I never follow a strict recipe, I always like to create new tastes, use different ingredients.. It is always spontaneous but done with love.

What is your favorite food/meal you've ever created - and what made it so special?

My chicken pane, there is the son of one of my clients, from a lot of food on the table he recognized my chicken pane and it was the only thing that he ate.

What are some of your clients' favorite dishes?

The turkey, it is always tasty I use a lot of spices, it takes a lot of time cleaning it and cooking it.

Which is your favourite restaurant?

I used to love going to Petite Palmera, it is cosy and familiar, and now I like Firestone they are very friendly over there and they make delicious food.

Are there any foods/ingredients that you refuse to cook with? If so, why?

Rabbit, I hate it, I know how to cook it with Orange and everything but I simply can't I feel like I am cooking a cat! One time a client got me one to cook it for her and even my helpers refused to clean it, I was crying while washing it.

What do you always carry with you?

My phone, my clients always calling on the last minute, I can't leave it uncharged. I have to always have it in my pocket ready to take orders.

If you had not gone into catering, where do you think you would be now?

I would have been a psychiatrist since I graduated from faculty of Arts Psychology department, I loved the fact that I get to talk to people and help them with their problems.

Everyone has insecurities and doubts and We know that having your own boss can be a blessing and a curse! How do you encourage yourself to stay positive and keep moving forward?

That every-time I have a function I deal with it like it's my first function, I think of every detail, I don't count on my staff, I follow up on everything, I even don't sleep out of worrying but my satisfaction comes at the end when I see the people happy eating my food enjoying it, that is my blessing.

If you could eat one dish for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Salad, I love salad especially Rocca salad with wild mushrooms and parmesan.

What are your fondest food memories from childhood?

Actually I can talk about food I hated so much which is beets, my dad used to force me to eat it. But now I like it and I cook it very well so I can make people like it.

What is your guilty pleasure? What do you snack on when no one else is around because you don't want anyone to know?

Chocolates, I love chocolate whether it's white or Chocolate Fondue it is my weak point. I would love to see (Sylvester Stalone) eating my food :)