May ‘15
Insight Interview

May ‘15
Georges Chakra
Georges Chakra


Georges Chakra's distinctive designs came to define the look and feel of the self-confident modern woman! His love and passion for design and sketching started at a very young age, and grew to what could at least be described as a work of art!

What sparked your interest in fashion?

When I was young I used to admire a French magazine my mum read called 'Jour de France' that featured celebrities, fashion, and lifestyle. Back then, I was dreaming to dress celebrities and started sketching dresses for my mum.

How has your work evolved since you began your own label?

With experience and international exposure you gain an expert vision to the perfect cut and perfect finishing. You spot all the tiny details and you become more and more demanding while creating a dress.

What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started your career?

You have to stick to your dream despite everything and hard work is the key to success.

Where do you dig for inspiration?

Everywhere: A movie, a client, a painting, a book, someone in the street, a flower, a building. For me everything is a source of inspiration.

How can you evaluate the industry in the Middle East nowadays?

Lebanon had the lead in the fashion creation but now the industry is booming everywhere. Today we have a talented new generation coming from all over the Middle East. I am very optimistic.

What design/ line of yours do you consider the highlight of your career?

I find myself in couture where there are no boundaries for my imagination and creations. One of the looks I really love is a red dress done in plastic panels. Sketching and creating this dress was a real challenge, I designed it for my own fun and never thought someone will buy it. In fact it was the first dress sold from its collection! The dress by itself has been exposed in several museums and exhibitions.

Who do you think is the ideal woman to represent Georges Chakra designs?

I design for the self-confident fashion forwarded woman. I love to try new silhouettes and new materials that carry the wow factor. My woman has to feel absolutely glamorous and self-confident in my dresses.

You conquered Hollywood with your unique creations, how do you prepare for the competition on the red carpet?

It is our press office in the United States that follows up with celebrities. On my side, I try to create very figure flattering dresses fit for the red carpet.

Which of your contemporaries sizzle your eyes with their designs?

When I studied fashion design and started my career as a designer, I admired the designs of Mr. Yves Saint Laurent. I consider him a genius with the unique touch of combining colors and shades. I love also the opulence of Christian Lacroix.

Which celebrity do you consider your muse?

I love old Hollywood actresses like Greta Garbo, Grace Kelly and Ava Gardner. I am a big fan of their effortless elegance and beauty. For contemporary actresses, I like the chic Nicole Kidman and the natural beauty of Julia Roberts.

What are your plans for 2015?

Give a new spirit and direction to the ready to wear line and have some time to rest!

By Rania Ihab