July ‘15
Insight Interview

July ‘15
Gehan Hamdy:Technical Manager and Instructor at Jazzercise
Gehan Hamdy:Technical Manager and Instructor at Jazzercise


How did your organization come about?

Jazzercise is the patent invention by an American, Mrs. Juddi Sheppard Missett who transformed her passion for Jazz dance into a lucrative international franchise. She developed the program in 1969 and it was a colossal commercial success with established branches all over the world. Mrs. Juddi was such a prodigious physical exercise guru that one of her students was Jane Fonda who became an influential exercise instructor following the idiosyncratic technique of Mrs. Shepperd. Its style has enthralled millions of people worldwide. Edrak for Edutainment Projects Development Co. has the master franchise for Jazzercise in Egypt. It started in January 2012 and currently has three operating facilities in Heliopolis, 6th of October and New Cairo.

What exactly does it offer for the public?

Jazzercise offers a fusion of dance and exercise. The program features an eclectic repertoire of rigorous exercises including Pilates, yoga, aerobics and kickboxing set to the sublime mellifluous jazz score to enrapture clients while they're immersed in the exercise. The music also includes hip-hop, Latin music among others exuberant soundtracks. It's the quintessential example of how exercise can be both fun and effective

What is your mission statement?

We develop and market fun and effective fitness programs and products that enhance the well-being of people of all ages.

What makes you distinctive from other fitness organizations?

Jazzercise is an amalgam unlike no other. No one else had the ingenious idea to incorporate music into exercise so euphonically with such resplendent results. The physical fitness that is achieved through Jazzercise is immaculate and the joyous and rapturous ambiance is peerless. We offer an invigorating experience that is unmatched in the Egyptian market.

Describe your typical patron profile?

Jazzercise is exclusively for females: it's an all-girls club. The program is designed to promote women empowerment and gear them up with formidable strength needed to conquer the world.

What results can people expect from your organization?

People can expect increased cardiovascular stamina, a toned physique, agility, alleviated stress, enhanced metabolism, improved flexibility and balance, burnt mega calories and an exhilarating good time, because fun and vitality are pivotal factors in our program.

How do you promote yourselves?

We often engage in below-the line promotion tactics we distribute banners and invitation cards accompanying sport brand products while subscribing. We also occasionally have competitions and they're garnering us tremendous publicity. Not to mention the praises that our members rhapsodize about to their friends and family, it's making headwaves in the Egyptian market.

How would you describe the public's reaction to your establishment?

Our members have fervently embraced Jazzercise with zeal and unbridled enthusiasm. Our members have placed allegiance to the system and they enjoy the workout and reap the rewards graciously. It's such a splendid system the music has such a euphoric visceral impact on the members while they're carrying out their exercises, it makes them more energetic more vivacious. The perfect blend of choreography and exercise, it's a transcendent experience.

What is your most treasured success story so far?

My most treasured success story is my own personal story, since I was a stay-at-home housewife before Jazzercise spurred me to commit to Jazzercise and become a prolific member. I became so vested and proficient in the program that I turned pro. Eventually I gathered enough qualifications to become an instructor. It was a hobby of mine and I turned it into my vocation. It's been blissful ever since. Another success story was when an Egyptian expatriate who resides in Canada and came to Egypt and wasn't leading a stimulating lifestyle, however as soon as she enrolled into Jazzercise her zest for life was revitalized and not only did she excel enough to become an instructor in Egypt but back in Canada too.

What's in store for your club in the future?

As part of our female empowerment campaign we work to foster professional female athletic leaders who are able to open up their own exercise studios. We want to instill a sense of confidence and bravado in them to turn them into exercise entrepreneurs.

What summer plans does your organization set up?

We are planning to present in Sahel. It will be Jazzercise classes set against the ravishing vista of the beach. The classes will be held on the weekdays so that Jazzercise aficionados would resume their exercise program and not have to discontinue it.

What was the most outrageous & fun event that has happened with your Jazzercise work so far?

My whole family right now are committed Jazzercise enthusiasts. My daughter developed a real knack for it and even though predominantly for women, my husband and my both my sons were hooked by its contagious vibrant spirit. It's like it had a trance on them now.

How do you reward your top performers?

We have our own line of Jazzercise attire and sports paraphernalia that we handout to exceptional performers and luminary members. We also have an incentive reward system where all Jazzercise members slim down to one size less and the first to do so will be awarded 3000 pounds. All in the spirit of health and fitness.