February ‘13
Insight Interview

February ‘13
For Him: Fady & Alice
For Him: Fady & Alice


Job: Channel Manager Of Gimpex Audio and Visual

How long have you been together?

1 year before marriage and 2 years and 6 months married

Who wears the pants in this relationship?

We both wear the pants :) But yet I am still more convincing as she is not that stubborn after all. It is never 'My way or the Highway' it's all about conversation and being compatible , either convince or be convinced!

How do you keep the romance alive?

Little things that women like .. surprises , flowers from time to time as my wife adores flowers, one-to-one outings -me and her alone- either romantic or clubbing . And the main thing that keeps the woman look for in the man is his Support! Believe me it refreshes the romance !

As a couple, what is your song?

We both love music:) And this was one of the main things that got us close to each other, we have a lot of songs that we love to listen to. But we DO have a very special song with very special memories ... It was a song that I sang to her on our wedding day. It was a song that was written just for her ,,,'LOU' was the song's name which is her nickname... this song was written by my Mom , composed by my cousin and distributed by my brother, and I sang it for her as a surprise on our second dance ! So it was a whole family production :)) And it stayed a memorable one as it was very personal to her!

What do you like most about your partner?

My wife is a perfectionist ! She is very detailed , she is very wise socially and always keeps a perfect image of us as a couple.

Best/ Worst Valentine gift she got you'¦The best gift was the latest Iphone

The worst gift was actually a gift she got that she did not know I had :)

Word of advice for young men about women? Always keep your mind beside your heart Never ignore your mind or your heart, they have to be always in parallel