June ‘15
Insight Interview

June ‘15
Fitness Expert Hala Serageldin
Fitness Expert Hala Serageldin


Cairo's newest fitness guru Hala Serageldin caused quite frenzy lately. With her sexy looks and toned physique, it's no wonder most girls are falling over themselves to get her look. Hala has been helping women change their lives and now she's sharing her exercising tips to Insight readers.

What is your favorite part for being in the health and fitness industry?

My motto is 'Find something that you love doing, and you won't have to work a day in your life'. Not only that I benefit from it, but also the best part is helping others achieve their fitness goals or do something they didn't think was possible. That build up of confidence is amazing.

What's been the most rewarding part of your experience?

Being able to use my knowledge, experience and love for fitness and exercise to help enrich somebody else's life is priceless.

Why do you think working-out has become such a craze over the last few years?

Over the past few years, people have become more aware of the benefits of exercising and leading a healthier lifestyle as a whole. More people are looking to better their fitness levels and stay in shape in order to look their best and feel their best.

What is the biggest misconception about exercise that you wish to change?

This one goes out to women, lifting heavy weights won't bulk you up! Women don't produce enough testosterone for enlargement of muscles to occur. In fact, only certain body types are genetically dispositional to gain large muscle mass easily. So ladies, drop those lightweights and lift something heavier!

Do you see a shift happening in public perceptions of a healthy lifestyle here in Egypt?

I believe that an individual's physical activity and diet habits are influenced by their knowledge towards these behaviors. People in Egypt have become more aware of the effects of it through exposure, social media, and the growing number of educated, experienced, certified professionals in the field, that are generously spreading their learning.

Tell us more about your classes?

As a fitness instructor at 'Train For Aim', I have the privilege of giving a wide range of classes, such as: Cardio, Steps, HIIT, Core & Toning, Agility, and Circuit Training.

What are some popular exercise routines and machines these days?

From Trampoline Jumping, Cross-Fit, Cheerobics and Zumba to Pole Fitness, Pilates, Yoga and NTC'¦ I think Egypt has got us fitness freaks covered. There is definitely something for everyone and here's a tip: don't do the same workout day after day, week after week. Your body desires change and actually thrives on it. Strive to change your workout and always try something new.

What's your best advice for women who want to get in shape or achieve any fitness goal?

If you want to be in a better physical shape and want to reach your fitness goals, make a commitment to fitness, make exercise part of your normal day, like getting dressed, eating, working, and going out. Start small, select an activity that you really enjoy, pick something you can do year-round, put it on your schedule, and stick to it!

What is the difference between working with a personal trainer compared to exercising alone?

If you workout alone, you can definitely reach your goals, but I believe that working out with a personal trainer gets out the best in you. A good personal trainer has enough knowledge to help you assess your fitness goals, design a safe and effective program to meet those goals and motivate you to put in the necessary work.

By Roulla Soussou