June ‘17
Egypt’s Nifty Nutritionist

June ‘17
Fayrouz Youssef
Fayrouz Youssef


When it comes to picking up on some health tips and diet tricks, The Daily Crisp is undeniably our harbour. Fayrouz Youssef Eid, nutritionist and founder of one of Egypt’s most acclaimed health and lifestyle magazines, is a dedicated mother and health fanatic alongside hustling with her growing business.

Tell us about yourself and what you do.

I am Fayrouz Nasser Eid, a mum of two beautiful kids, an entrepreneur and a nutritionist.  I am the founder and Managing Editor of The Daily Crisp, a wellness lifestyle Magazine based in Cairo.

You’re openly passionate about food and health. How did that start?

It started when I got pregnant with my first child, Alay. I gained 30Kg during my pregnancy and realized after I gave birth that I know nothing about eating healthy. I started reading a lot about nutrition and that’s when I decided to go back to school after having received my BA in Mass Communication. I decided to get another BS degree in food science and nutrition and changed my career path. But ironically, I am not working in a field that requires both degrees.

Tell us how The Daily Crisp happened.

After studying Nutrition, I decided to start my personal blog four years ago, Byfayrouz.com, which was focused only on nutrition and food. Two years later, I noticed a huge gap in the wellness platforms that are available in Egypt. That was around the same time, more or less, when people in Egypt started becoming more aware of their health and fitness. There wasn’t a platform or a magazine that was really only focused on wellness and health with a holistic approach. So my two partners and I decided to start The Daily Crisp in the form of an online magazine to provide the public with credible content that they can benefit from. Offering everything that will do the mind, body and soul some good. From fitness and mental wellness to beauty and skincare, food, travel, family, relationships and more, you name it. We feel, see and believe in all the endless possibilities for a healthy life and consequently deliver our sharp and candid coverage of health and wellness. All of our writers are accredited in their fields and well-versed in the topics they discuss.

How do you incorporate healthy food with delicious cooking?

I’s all about being creative in the kitchen and knowing that there are a lot of healthy ingredients that you can use that will make your meals go from bland to yummy.

Can one lose a significant amount of weight through a healthy diet alone?

You can, but it will make the weight loss journey a much harder one. I am against sudden strict diet changes and fad diets that promote fast weight loss results. It’s all about changing your habits to eat healthy for life. You will need to eventually exercise for better health, a stronger body, and a fitter you.

Summer is close. How do you advise our readers to stay healthy and hydrated if they find constantly drinking water boring?

Always keep a water bottle with you. ‘Detox water’ is awesome for people who find water boring, which entails adding fresh herbs, lemon, cucumber, cinnamon..etc. Also by eating the seasonal fruits and vegetables, you are also hydrating since most of these foods are high in water content.