July ‘16
From Barca to Cairo and Loving It

July ‘16
Carles Puyol
Carles Puyol


The winner of six La Liga triumphs, three Champions League winners’ medals, two Copa del Reys, six Spanish Super Cups, two European Super Cups and two Clubs World Cups is here to spill the beans about his success after retiring and thus having claimed his legendary status. Puyol was invited by Heineken to celebrate the UCL finale with his Egyptian fans as well as promote Egypt as a safe destination.

Share with us something people don’t know about Puyol?

I have a very usual and normal life; I have a beautiful family, a beautiful wife and two daughters. I live a very happy life. For 20 years, I played all the football I wanted to play, so I am very happy and proud of what I did and currently doing.

Do you ever have a bad hair day?

No! I am always happy with my hair. I have a lot of discussions with my family about it, but it’s all good.

Do you have any guilty pleasures? 

No, I enjoy life and everything I do, so I take my decisions accordingly. And there’s nothing I would change or be ashamed of enjoying.

Who or what changed your life?

When I was young, I was able to train in Barcelona and it was a dream that came true. I had the privilege to train under Louis Van Gaal, he helped me reach what I was aiming for and what I wanted to be. He gave me a chance to break into the first team and I will be forever grateful for that.

What would you tell yourself 15 years ago knowing what you know now? 

That’s quite a long period of time to have gained a lot of knowledge and experience and I cannot think of anything I would want to change. I think that I am what I am because of the previous course of my life, and I am very happy and very proud of what I had achieved. I was and I still am very lucky.

What’s your program during this trip?

I have been overwhelmed by the Egyptian civilization and all the ancient antiquities I have seen at the Pyramids and old Cairo. I feel so happy to be in this wonderful country, and I hope I will visit again soon.

If you were the minister of tourism of Egypt or Spain, what would be your first decision?

I don’t know, I won’t be able to choose. Spain is a wonderful country to visit and Egypt is full of wonders. I would try to promote tourism for both of the spectacular countries.

Would you consider Egypt as a good environment to host football camps?

Yes, why not? I believe that Barcelona has a lot of Egyptian followers and fans, and as a player of Barca, knowing that makes me happy. And I do hope that they enjoy the results of Barca. I think they would gain great experience if football camps were hosted here. 

What are your future plan?

Spend as much time with my family as I can, and go on as many trips with them as possible. I have my own agency to help the younger generations with their performance and lead the way to becoming professional players in the future, so I’ll probably be busy with that to. 

A word to your Egyptian fans.

I really enjoyed my stay to the maximum, and admired the lovely hospitality of the Egyptians. I would like to thank ABC for giving me this great opportunity to visit this lovely country, and I do plan to come back whenever I can.