March ‘15
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March ‘15
Cairo's Hottest Mamas: Heba Abassiry
Cairo's Hottest Mamas: Heba Abassiry


Every mother is by default a working mother, but for those who are also employed in a job outside the home, life can be a lot more difficult to manage. The pressures of juggling work appointments and responsibilities and the demands at home can take a toll on caring perfectionist women who try to be good or even great at everything they do. Cheers to all mamas out there.

What's the secret for balancing being a good mama and having a successful career?

For me family comes first! They know it and feel it and that's why they support me and back me up strongly when it comes to my career. I am really grateful that I am successful in both, but I'd never choose my job over my family. If I get to choose, I'd definitely choose my family! And I believe that's how I am able to balance.

Do you consider yourself a cool or a strict mama?

I wish I could say I am a cool mother, but I think I'm a strict mum, especially with my eldest daughter. My little daughter is a little spoilt as she's still a toddler, but I am strict with the older one. I try not to be very harsh, but unfortunately my fear and worry drive me to be strict!

How do you handle child-care duties?

Like any normal mother does! After I gave birth to my second daughter, I totally committed my time for her for almost a year. My younger daughter is a year and a half old and my eldest is eight years old, so some how she's a little independent. My father lives with me and that's a true blessing, because even if there's a nanny I am comforted by the fact that there's a family member keeping an eye on them.

What do you do in your 'me' time, if you have any?

I go to the gym, spa, have a ladies' night with my best friends, and sometimes I prefer to have some quiet time in my room with a book or a good movie! If I have the option, I travel. I adore travelling and this happens three to four times a year and that is not much for someone who adores travelling!

What's the one thing that drives you crazy about your kids?

My younger daughter is very stubborn and she drives me crazy! The older one tends to lie if she's afraid to be punished and doesn't reveal the truth unless she's sure she won't be punished and that drives me crazy as well!

What are the lessons you hope your kids will learn from the choices you've made in your life?

I wish they grow strong and independent! I don't want them to become dependent on others or have weak characters. It's really important that they respect people as well, because this is how people will respect them.

In what way do your kids resemble you?

One of the most beautiful experiences that any mother can live, is watching her girl trying on her makeup, shoes and clothes and I adore them for it. Also, they're both very stubborn, just like me; they won't do anything unless they are completely convinced!

What was the first gift you received on mother's day?

My older daughter was in kindergarten and made me a card! I still have it. I was so proud - one of the best feelings I've ever felt!

What's your 'super-mama' tip to our readers?

To have the following three treats in their upbringing technique: tenderness, strength and friendship. You must treat your kids tenderly and at the same time strictly in order to raise them up as independent strong individuals. You must also treat them as your friends, to respect one another and never lie to one another!

By Rania Ihab