March ‘15
Insight Interview

March ‘15
Cairo's Hottest Mamas: Ghadir Alagabany
Cairo's Hottest Mamas: Ghadir Alagabany


Every mother is by default a working mother, but for those who are also employed in a job outside the home, life can be a lot more difficult to manage. The pressures of juggling work appointments and responsibilities and the demands at home can take a toll on caring perfectionist women who try to be good or even great at everything they do. Cheers to all mamas out there.

What's the secret for balancing being a mama and having a successful career?

My secret is my strong belief equally in the equal value and significance of both family and career in one's life!

Do you consider yourself a cool or a strict mama?

I would like to think I'm both. I see myself more on the strict side when it comes to education, behaviour, attitude, respect and discipline. I'm cooler on the social side, like with teenage slang vocabulary, admiring contemporary music, participating in weird friends' activities, having crazy shopping habits and to top it all: an 'I can't-live-without-sushi-syndrome!'

How do you handle child-care duties?

I've passed this stage since some time now. It was a hassle then taking care of twins simultaneously. Without the help of the entire family, I don't think I would've managed. It was double trouble back then.

What do you do in your 'me' time, if you have any?

My 'Me' time is mainly socializing with friends, exercising at the gym or spending a relaxing day at the spa.

What's the one thing that drives you crazy about your kids?

Not answering their cell phones. Although, it's glued on their hands at home, but when I call, it's surprisingly 'on silent, wasn't with me or couldn't hear it!'

In what way has motherhood surprised you?

The tolerance, patience and responsibility traits that suddenly developed in my personality were really astonishing!

What are the lessons you hope your kids will learn from the choices you've made in your life?

I hope they learn to: First, think twice before taking any decision. Second, devote an enormous amount of effort in anything they want to achieve and even more effort to maintain it. And third, to be fair, fun and faithful.

In what way do your kids resemble you?

Mostly in their looks, moods, emotions and fashion awareness.

What was the first gift you received on mother's day?

I got hand crafted flowers and a card from my girl saying, 'Hey mum, FYI: I think you've done a great job with us. Have a wonderful mother's day and forget all the wrong things we do. Love you a lot.'

What's your 'super-mama' tip to our readers?

Unfortunately there are no rules or guidelines. You bring up siblings exactly the same way and they still come out differently. You try teaching them ethics and behaviour, the way you learnt it a quarter of a decade ago while completely forgetting the age-gap and generational differences. So, it's best to play it by instinct and good intention. I believe when they're under ten, you're in the most controlling phase of their lives. You will direct and take action and they will listen. This is the ultimate foundation base. The next phase, when they're teenagers is the most painful for you and the most rebellious for them. Here you will only TRY to direct and advise and if you're lucky, they might listen or heed 10% of what you recommend. The last up-bringing phase is college when they'll definitely be off the hook and free to run away from home and from you. Here at this stage, literally anything you say is considered absolute non-sense and a complete waste of time! Good luck.

By Rania Ihab