March ‘15
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March ‘15
Cairo's Hottest Mamas: Eman Yasaky
Cairo's Hottest Mamas: Eman Yasaky


Every mother is by default a working mother, but for those who are also employed in a job outside the home, life can be a lot more difficult to manage. The pressures of juggling work appointments and responsibilities and the demands at home can take a toll on caring perfectionist women who try to be good or even great at everything they do. Cheers to all mamas out there.

What's your secret for balancing motherhood and having a successful career?

There is no such thing as balancing when you are constantly riding a roller coaster! All you have to do, and that depends on your personality, is either hold on tight and close your eyes or just let go and enjoy the ride '˜º and I think I fall under the second. I try to spend every single free moment I have with my daughter Haya, who is now a teenager. She is not just my daughter but my best friend as well. We have a lot of traits in common and we enjoy doing the same things. That doesn't mean that at certain times when she gets back to me with some questions or statements I ask myself whether I can remain standing or maybe consider taking a seat!

Do you consider yourself a cool or a strict mama?

I am mostly cool, as I mentioned we are best friends, especially when you have a teenager, logic works better. That doesn't mean that at certain times you won't have to set a strong foot in and say this isn't working. Now we reached a level where she understands if things are ok with me or not just by looking at me.

How do you handle child-care duties?

Technically she is not a child anymore and she is very private about her stuff and the way she does things, which I respect.

What do you do in your 'me' time, if you have any?

I travel, read, go for a run and listen to music; these things help me keep my balance!

What's the one thing that drives you crazy about your daughter?

Coming to think of it, there is absolutely nothing that drives me crazy about her, even if I act otherwise... All her imperfections are perfect to me and I can relate to them, as I was the same growing up.

In what way has motherhood surprised you?

The fact that you actually love and care about this tiny bundle you carry in your hand more than you care about yourself or anyone else!

What are the lessons you hope your daughter will learn from the choices you've made in your life?

To never ever regret any decision she takes and to learn to live with her choices.

In what way does your daughter resemble you?

I would say everything, not just physically... She has my sense of humor, sense of style, even zests. She is also extremely sensitive!

What was the first gift you received on mother's day?

A hand made heart shaped card!

What's your 'super-mama' tip to our readers?

Just be who you are and don't try to pretend you are someone you are not in front of your child! Like being a straight-A student or the fact that you never missed school! You really can't fool them and you will end up losing their respect and your credibility.

By Rania Ihab