March ‘15
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March ‘15
Cairo's Hottest Mamas: Amina Shelbaya
Cairo's Hottest Mamas: Amina Shelbaya


Every mother is by default a working mother, but for those who are also employed in a job outside the home, life can be a lot more difficult to manage. The pressures of juggling work appointments and responsibilities and the demands at home can take a toll on caring perfectionist women who try to be good or even great at everything they do. Cheers to all mamas out there.

What's the secret of balancing being a good mama and having a successful career?

I have twins, so it's really hard to reach balance! Naturally I am a very organized person and I try to keep my kids' life organized as well and that's how I am able to work because otherwise I won't be able to! Of course I have help but I also try to balance my schedule according to their schedule and make sure I'm always around! Now most of my classes are in the morning when they're at school and weekends are totally dedicated for them!

Do you consider yourself a cool or a strict mama?

I believe I am a cool mother, but I am strict when it comes to organizational aspects!

What do you do in your 'me' time, if you have any?

I rarely have some quality me time, but when I do I try to exercise.

What's the one thing that drives you crazy about your kids?

The main problem with twins is jealousy, they want me to hold them both at the same time, they both talk at the same time and want me to listen at the same time and it usually ends up with a huge fight!

In what way has motherhood surprised you?

I came to understand a lot of what my mother used to tell me. How it means to have someone you care about more than yourself! Even my work became my second priority after my kids and family.

What are the lessons you hope your kids will learn from the choices you've made in your life?

I wish for them to be the best they could be. I want them to be organized, polite and religious, I want them to play sports and respect other people! Being an organized person helped me a lot in my life and career, and I wish they could grow up like me.

In what way do your kids resemble you?

I don't know, this is really hard to answer they're still young!

What was the first gift you received on mother's day?

They got me flowers and my mama made me two little packs with little photo frames and little cute things for each of them!

What's your 'super-mama' tip to our readers?

Kids imitate people all around them. I used to be very uptight and they started to imitate me and raise their voices so I had to stop this habit immediately! My advice is to try as much as you can to act positively whenever you're around them and to stay patient as much as possible.

By Rania Ihab