May ‘15
Insight Interview

May ‘15
Ayah Sharaf
Ayah Sharaf


Ayah Sharaf may be fresh to the fashion scene, but her consistent style belies her newcomer status. Insight interviewed the young designer, a self-described fabrics junkie, about her designer viewpoint, inspirations and what's next for her booming career.

What can you tell us about yourself?

I am a Pharmacist with a passion for fashion!

What inspires you as a designer?

My love for fashion started since I was three. Ever since I've been dreaming to be a designer! I read a lot of books about fashion to learn about the design process and I've been designing for my friends and myself ever since! Recently, I launched my official brand. I am always inspired by everything simple. I love fabrics and I enjoy using them in different ways.

What one piece that you created is the closest to your heart, and why?

The closest piece to my heart is a leather vest that was part of my winter collection, as it combines simplicity and uniqueness!

How can you evaluate the fashion industry in Egypt today?

Well I can't evaluate the industry; but personally I wish to help Egyptian ladies wear fashionable clothes with reasonable prices.

What fashion advice can you give our fashionistas this season?

My advice to fashionistas is to forget what's trendy and think about what fit their bodies and match their personalities!

Talk to us more about your summer collection.

This collection is all about bright colors and light materials like cotton and chiffon. It's very feminine and trendy and suits every girl.

What is the blessing/curse of being a designer?

The blessing about being a designer is that every single thing can inspire you. You see everything from an artistic angle; even a normal morning walk can inspire you!

What are your coming projects?

I am working on an exclusive collection of limited edition pieces and I have a lot of events between Egypt and Dubai.

What about this season's latest trends?

The high low shirts are the season's highlights as well as elegant vests.

What are your beach bag essentials?

My beach bag essentials are my sunglasses, my swimming suit, a colourful towel, flip-flops and sunblock.

By Rania Ihab