April ‘19
The Beauty Blogger

April ‘19
Alia Awwe
Alia Awwe


A blogger and a social media influencer with a flair and obsession for everything related to fashion and makeup. Meet the artist on the rise to fame Alia Awwe.

How do you measure success?

Definitely by the number of followers you have. Maybe it’s not the only indication for success but it’s number one. Also, your impact on people’s lives and the love of your followers determines your success.

What is your favourite dress code?

Sportswear is my favourite because I wear formal all the time for events.

What is your typical shooting day?

I wake up at six in the morning, finish my makeup in two hours, shoot for six hours, edit the video in four hours, then upload the video at night.

What social media platforms are you most active on?

Mainly Facebook because it was my first approach.

What else do you like other than fashion?

Makeup is also my passion.

Which celebrities have the best style in your opinion?

Dorra Zarrouk and Jennifer Lopez.

How do you think women can improve their looks and style?

Women can change whatever they want when they decide to. The first step is to take the decision, then to start following and watching professionals to learn what the latest trends are and how to make a new look that matches their style and personality.

In your opinion, what is the most exciting thing about the fashion industry?

The most exciting thing is that there are no rules! There is a new trend everyday and you can wear whatever you like.

What makes you passionate about being an influencer?

The love I receive from my followers.

Who is Alia Awwe?

I am a social media influencer, followed by more than one million followers on Facebook, 750k on Instagram, and almost 500k on YouTube.