May ‘19
The Enthusiastic Star

May ‘19
Ahmed Khaled Saleh
Ahmed Khaled Saleh


Walking in his late father’s pathway, his passion and talent for acting made him quickly rise in fame. Insight had the chance to interview rising star Ahmed Khaled Saleh.

Do you spend most of Ramadan with your friends or family?

I love this month. If I am not working or if I am done shooting, I spend most of my time with both my friends and family. It’s the time for the family to get together. So yes, I love spending it with them.

Tell us more about your role in “Abo Gabal.”

I am playing the role of a character named “Fady.” He is a lawyer. He is the brother of Mostafa Shabaan’s wife. The series is a family drama and thriller. Fady helps and puts a lot of effort in the story. This is all I can say about it.

 Are you excited to work with a whole new cast in “Abo Gabal” TV series this Ramadan?

Very much! It is always exciting to work with a new cast and to see what they have to offer. I’m enjoying it a lot and the role is very different from my past roles. This time, the character is very enjoyable for me as an actor and I hope people will enjoy it as well.

You will be a part of “El Feil El Azraa 2,” what will your role be?

Unfortunately, I can’t say anything about it, but it will be a surprise for me before the audience. I shot my part, but I didn’t actually see anything. I can’t wait to see myself on the big screen shot by Ahmed El Morsy’s camera, directed by Marwan Hamed, script written by Ahmed Morad, and standing in front of Hend Sabry.

Your first experience in cinema was your role in “Torab El Mas,” What was it like working with big names as such Marwan Hamed and Asser Yassin?

It is always overwhelming. If it’s my first or my hundredth experience, I know it’s going to be the same kind of feeling being with such an artistic crew. It’s the dream cast for any actor to work with. Just watching them is a privilege.

We heard that you are now preparing for a new project called “Zodiac,” aren’t you afraid of the feedback as all the crew are young and new actors?

Actually I was not afraid, as an actor, I always wait for feedback. It thrills me that people will watch what we worked on and all the effort we put in. Everyone was tired from the experience, but at the same time, we had so much fun. I love working with new actors, they are also well established, known, and have their fans. Actually, I am the newest one among them, so I am waiting for the feedback.

Last Ramadan, you played Mansour Fakhr in “Nesr El Seaed,” How were you chosen to play this role?

I was chosen by the director. Even though I called Mr. Gamal El Adl and told him I have audition for another series at the same time, he told me to do an audition for Mansour Fakhr on the same day as well. I was very overwhelmed because I am a fan of Mohamed Ramadan and Gamal El Adl and his productions.

How would you describe your first experience of acting in “30 Youm” series with star Asser Yassin?

It was the ice breaker! It was my first experience in acting, standing in front of a camera, and dealing with a director. I am very grateful to everyone in the crew: Asser Yassin, Hossam Ali, Ahmed Samir, and Maha Selim. It was a great experience. Whenever I look back on anything I did, I always feel that it could have been much better, but at the end of the day, I am grateful.

Did being the son of the superstar Khaled Saleh help you to start your career?

Yes, of course. It helped me because people respected and loved my dad, so I am very welcomed to join any project. When people find out that I am Khaled Saleh’s son, I immediately gain their respect and love. But at the end of the day, it puts a lot of pressure on me. Whenever I am doing something, it needs to be better than I how I would do it if my dad’s name was not mentioned. It is a huge responsibility.

You graduated from the American University majoring in theatre; did this help you in your career as an actor?

I had the idea of being an actor, but it wasn’t strong until I actually became a student in the theatre department. So yes, of course, it helped me and I owe it a lot.