February ‘16
Their Strength is Your Beauty

February ‘16
Ahmed and Abdou
Ahmed and Abdou


For 25 years they’ve been the masters behind the latest and greatest in the business, Ahmed &Abdou open up to Insight as never before...

What separates A&A from the competition?

Lots of things. We are always presenting the latest hairstyle and colour trends in the business. We are always searching for what’s in fashion by presenting a top-notch service that makes our A-list customers always feel at home.

What are the trends that never go out of date?

In haircuts, the bob with all its styles and in colours, the brown, blonde and burgundy shades.

What is the toughest part in your business?

Dealing with female customers is the hardest part of our job. It is not an easy thing to satisfy a woman, especially when it comes to hair styling; women are much glued to their opinion even if it was wrong. If a lady doesn’t know what she wants to do, we start showing her our latest catalogues and convince her with what’s in this season and what will suit her face shape and skin tone.

What is your advice for aspiring hair stylists?

Succeeding in this business depends on two factors: First, how you meet and greet your client, it is important to build a strong relationship with your customer and make her feel at home. Second, is how to convince your customer with what suits her. The feedback they get about the result of our work outside the salon form a certain kind of trust between them and us. They know that we’ll never let them down.

By Rania Ihab