February ‘16
The Aspiring and assertive

February ‘16
Ahmad Al Morsy
Ahmad Al Morsy


Most people dream about being famous, becoming a heartthrob and walking on the red carpet... And who doesn’t! Then again, there are those who prefer to work behind the camera; these are the real heroes who make celebrities shine.

What can you tell us about yourself?

I am an Egyptian DOP. I graduated from the Higher Cinema Institute in 1998. As a DOP, I filmed many music videos, TV commercials and films for major artists in the Arab world. During my journey, I searched for challenges and unique projects to work on, and I received many awards.

What interests you most and least about your job?

I like the creativity and the variety in ideas, systems and even the people I work with. There’s always something new and I have to always stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and the changeable lifestyle, which is also exhausting.

How far would you go for your job?

So far! In my job, imagination is limitless. I can work anywhere and under any circumstances. The DOP is like a warrior whom you can even throw into battle.

When did you discover your passion for cinematography?

I discovered my passion for cinematography during my studies. I chose this career because I was always passionate about this field, especially when I discovered what I can create within the first moments of filming, narrating the story through the image. This is the greatest love story of my entire life.

Being the youngest DOP in Egypt must have put more responsibility on your shoulders. How did you manage to keep yourself on top?

It was a great challenge for me at the time; being the youngest DOP. However, I succeeded due to my ambition and insistence on success. Day after day, and with every success, award or appreciation, the challenges become harder and I have to continue searching for great projects that reflect my soul and bring forth a lot of challenges. Also, I always have to be up-to-date on film industry techniques. Reading is one of the most important elements that feed the imagination and increase my experience.

By Menna Helmy