Insight Magazine
May ‘15
She masters realism, fantasy, drama, comedy and even the simplest and most complex role-blends. She is one of the leading actresses in Syrian drama and with her up-coming Egyptian projects; her new status is TV royalty. Nesreen Tafesh gave Insight a piece of her heart and opened up about fame, work and more...
I am always eager to deliver something unique and different
Nesreen Tafesh

You have more than one project this Ramadan

I am really content with my choices this Ramadan season. I am always eager to deliver something unique and different.

Lets start with your role in Alf Leila we Leila (Arabian Nights).

I am really happy to work with Asser Yassin, who I consider one of the most important actors in Egypt. My roles as twins added a special flavor to that series and I loved the twist as I am playing two characters that are similar in appearance but totally different in character.

Why did you take so much time to participate in Egyptian drama?

No specific reason. Sometimes because of my work schedule, other times because the roles I was offered didnt suit me. At the end, I like to take my time and choose my roles carefully.

What separates Egyptian drama from its Syrian competitor?

Each of them has its spirit. Egyptian drama has always been distinguished and in the lead and nowadays it competes global drama. Syrian drama is very powerful, of course because of the Syrian conflict the quantity of productions decreased heavily but its powerful status still imposes itself.

Talk to us more about your new series Fe Zoroof Ghamda (Mysterious Events) and Alarab (The God Father).

Mysterious Events is a completely new story introduced for the first time in the Arabic drama due to its suspense genre. Director Muthana Sobh made huge efforts to make it meet global series. The God Father stars a lot of superstars, and we present the famous story with a modern twist.

What about your new project Khaton?

Khatoon is a very beautiful yet difficult character because of all the complexities she faced in her life. The project has been delayed until we choose a director.

Whats your take on the new trend, that combines stars from different countries in one huge project?

This Genre started a long time ago and this unique kind of drama is highly demanded by audience nowadays.

What does your role as a goodwill ambassador add to you?

Philanthropy is a duty for every human. The reason of our existence on this plant is to help each other and fill earth with love and hope.

By Mohammed Abu Jaish