Insight Magazine
December ‘15
Lebanese starlet, Naya rose into fame back in 2009. Despite her young age, she succeeded to boom in the music field and became one of the most promising talents in the Arab world. Following her latest controversial song Ana Bkeefy (I do what I like), Naya gave us this controversial scoop, stating her status as a Wild and Posh Lebanese Goddess
I hate fame, but my talent drives me to be different and unique.

On choosing a Gulf song for her comeback

I grew up loving the Gulf dialect and Gulf music in general. I listen to Gulf songs more than Lebanese and Egyptian songs. Thats why I chose to return to the scene with a project that is close to my heart.

On her latest controversial clip (I do what I like)

I was planning a strong come back with a project that speaks about me and at the same time carries a blunt message. Thats why I chose (I do what I like). Unfortunately, as I expected, a lot of audience didnt get my message and interpreted the song from a romantic angle. Although my message was clearly about someone who is rebelling against reality, and this was shown through the corpses that appeared at the beginning of the clip, it was a metaphor for all the bad and mean acts we hate in life.

On the amount of criticism that addressed the clip

I was positive that the clip will succeed, despite the huge amount of criticism it faced. We lack good quality songs in the Arab world nowadays, yet, at the end I believe that any strong project will impose itself and everybody will be eager to witness it.

On the latest song that caught her attention

Mazal by the Diva Samira Saied. She is the reason I love Middle Eastern music, as well as Amr Diab. I wish all new singers learn from them.

On her opinion on nudity in pictures.

Some pictures are more beautiful with a touch of nudity. I have no problem doing a nude photo-shoot in future, but I believe I havent reached this bold status yet. I am not afraid to act like myself. If someone else faced the amount of criticism I face, she would have suffered from a nervous breakdown. I hate fame, but my talent drives me to be different and unique.

On her opinion on Talent Programs

What I hate about these programs is that participants never work on improving their talents after these programs. Where you find ambition you find success, even with the hardest obstacles. Huge example on that is Abdelhaleem Hafez, he started from poverty till he became the biggest star of his generation and he succeeded to introduce new concepts in his songs and thats how he captured his audiences hearts.

On her acting talent

I am still carving my road in the music world. I dont like to rush into quick decisions that I will later regret. I was offered more than one project but I refused, because I dont want to appear in the stereotyped image of the Lebanese girl, when I do a role, I want it to highlight my talent.

On her future projects

I am preparing for a new Gulf song; I believe it will be a surprise to all my fans. I am also preparing another duet with songwriter Youssef El Omani.

By Youssef Omani